Tallahassee, Fla. -- A Florida woman has completed a 1,500-mile walk across Florida to raise awareness about child sex abuse and help victims.

On Wednesday, Lauren Book completed her third "Walk In My Shoes" journey across Florida. She was greeted at Florida's Old Capitol with a celebration marking her accomplishment.

Book, who as a child endured six years of sex abuse by her nanny, is working for tougher laws against child sex abuse.

At the top of the steps of the Old Capitol, she held up a new curriculum that has been developed to help prevent child sex abuse. Last year the Legislature funded an effort to create the curriculum called "Safer, Smarter Kids."

This week it's going into public school kindergarten classes across the state.

She's also supporting proposed legislation that would crack down on human sex trafficking in Florida. Plus, Book hopes lawmakers will provide funding for rape crisis treatment centers, as well as sexual assault victims who need to relocate.

At the end of Wednesday's "Walk In My Shoes" rally, everyone was given a butterfly box to open. They released 1,000 butterflies to honor victims of sex abuse, who Book said are transforming into survivors and warriors for change.

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