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    News crew find and rescue 7 yr old autistic boy

    When the Nine News crew spotted R**** P*** he was naked and shivering as he waded through some reeds on the opposite side of a fast-flowing creek, apparently about to attempt a crossing.

    "R***, just wait there, mate," cameraman Glenn Edwards called out.

    "It's alright buddy, we're getting your mum."

    But the autistic seven-year-old boy, who had been missing since the previous night, appeared not to heed the message — so Edwards dived into the muddy creek and swam across to his rescue.

    Edwards said that they had decided to conduct a search of their own while sitting outside the family’s home.

    "We were sitting out the front of the family's house and decided to drive to find him in the creek because he's fascinated by water,” he said.

    Video at link:


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    I'm so glad they found him.
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