s the wedding still on? That's one of the unanswered questions in the case of a man who police say staged a break-in at his own home so he could sell his fiancee's engagement ring.

George Rich, 43, was charged Tuesday with falsely reporting an incident and providing a false statement. He was released on a written promise to appear in Superior Court on Dec. 7.

Police said Rich made the couple's home look like a burglar had broken in and stolen jewelry, including the gold engagement ring with diamonds. Court documents show Rich pawned the items for $5,000 at the Hock It To Me shop.

On Sept. 21, Rich called police to report that burglars ransacked his home and stole a gold cocktail ring and the engagement ring, both valued at $2,500. He also said a gold chain was missing.

Detectives became suspicious when they noticed Rich's name in a weekly update on pawnshop activity.