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    young mother stays with stuck horse in race against the tide

    this made me a little teary eyed

    This was the terrifying moment a brave young mother battled to keep her beloved horse calm as sea water closed in on the animal after he became trapped in mud 'like quicksand'.

    Exhausted and mud-splattered, Nicole Graham clung to her trapped horse Astro for three hours keeping his head high in a race against the tide.

    The 78-stone show horse had sunk into quagmire-like mud and was facing the prospect of drowning as the water rose around them.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1nhSxMco0


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    Aww, thanks for posting that. Poor horsie and poor owner, so glad they both got out OK.
    Praying for Jason.
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    I just saw this on the news and it's so moving,
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    I didn't read the story until now...I was too scared to open it and see something that would be hard to take. But what I saw was the epitome of love and trust...and I know that feeling. Having the two horses myself, yes, I'd've stayed with them all the way to the end...of both of us, probably.

    Very heartwarming, and very, very moving. thanks for posting, although I was too scared to open the story for a few days.

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    Thanks for sharing. I read a story similar to this in Guideposts a couple months ago. Glad this one had a happy ending as well.
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