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    Unidentified possible female found On March 3rd, 1993, the Thunder Bay, a 76-foot trawler, got a catch from water 800 feet deep about 80 miles south of Point Judith in Narragansett, Rhode Island at around 10:35 pm. savagewatch.com/unidentified2.html

    Case is not in NAMUS, but I called someone from the Rhode Island HEalth Department and they confirmed that the remains were never identified. There was an article in the Providence Journal archives when the remains were found. Stated that it was possible that it could have been medical waste.

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    Medical waste? I dont get it.

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    Moved from another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Plottmasreram View Post
    I wrote a lot of stuff..to see the reactions of the LH /KC and their "non " reactions were most telling...the Prosecutors offices of Suffolk and Mays landing (Atlantic City) are culpable along with filth from the police departments...Lindsay a Henry was assigned as my lawyer w/o my knowledge by Judge Tinari..who attempted to incarcerate me 6 mos ..I bailed out of Yaphank w/o Judge Tinari/Lindsay Henry and that little JEW prosecutor stalking me 5 yrs in that Cohalon complex ,,,false arrests to intimidate me..jail house scum targeting me etc..I find it humorous...choir boys,legal eagles acting like mafioso...cleared of all chargesc...I taunted LH and his Daddy over and over..and they ignore me in the Cohalon complex..Daddy Henry took a sh:t in his pants when that po scam into court to check me out..I locked eyes on him..and he panicked a got out of that court room real quick..that was most telling..the prosecutors office playing games with my legal **** ..arresting me..putting on holds/pushing for extradition so as to miss trial dates ..a big game..cleared of all charges in suffolk..now I deal with the 3 false arrests from atlantic city...offered me probation on aggravated assault charge...jumped by the owner manager of Pic a lily bar in AC...ATLANTIC City chief prosecutor John Flammer...here's another choir boy JESUIT....now they threaten me with up to 5 yrs ...and I told them stick your probation where the sun don't shine..AC.POLICE/prosecutors /Jewish family services practicing Sharia law in AC..upon arrest ..I was brought to atlantic care hospital were I was shackled to a bed 6 days straight,given 2 trays of food in those six days and attempted to do a surgery (Debridement) stating I had flesh eating bacterial infection..when I received all my MEDICALS as a RN I requested all my info..I had NO INFECTION....denied phone call 3 weeks ,no arraignment ,from hospital to prison..where I sign my receipt for prison clothes...and the AC freeholders /mays landing Sherrifs dept /prosecutors office....STEAL POWER OF ATTORNEY FROM EVERY INMATE..WHO SIGNED RECIEPT SINCE 1996...Wells Fargo Bank involved .....HSBC bank cut a 1.9 billion dollar kickback with Supreme Court judge John Gleeson and Preet Bharara..a kickback....JOHN GLEESON FROM NJ...WELLS FARGO AND HSBC WERE PARTNERS AT ONE TIME...THEN U HAVE GOLDMAN SACHS ERIK MADOFF OF THE NEW YORK STATE INSURANCE FUND...THE PEOPLE WHO SACRIFICED THESE GIRLS COMES FROM THE PROSECUTORS OFFICE...MY KNOWLEDGE AS A DRUG REHAB PROFESSIONAL WHO WORKED KPPC/pilgrim psych FROM 1976 to 2001 in a family of state administers...KPPC staff like me were targeted..my co worker Linda wicks was murdered..and they broke my neck on purpose on chiropractor table in 2001..,,I fixed it in 2009 with cervicle traction and have all my functions back...plus some..Lindsay Henry propped up by babylon pal Carl Copertino...and their is going to be a JESUIT CONNECTION...FORDHAM JESUITS ANDY CUOMO,CARL COPERTINO,STEVE BELLONE AND TIMOTHY SINI...HAVE THEIR own agenda...read up on Jesuits and heretics..or shall we say woman are promiscuous with their Church ( body)...I've had front row seats watching the whole game...making comments on the web....THEY TARGETED ME FOR MY KNOWLEDGE..and I have knowledge...that is hidden from the public....such as 2nd generation anti -psychotropics cause akethesia not acknowledge on the BARS British akethesia rating scale since 1996...this is how the STATE NY ERIK MADOFF HAD the sister of that girl murder her mother,,,.using drugs I have known will cause suicidal /homicidal behavior since mid 90s...3rd generation Registered nurse who worked ny state drug rehab OMH ....now these mutts in ac target me for trials...I know THE SYSTEM...the prosecutors manipulate...and attempted to do an unneeded surgery..
    3levels of gov't corruption backed up by Jesuits of Fordham (the deep state) NY Jew Raymond Sakler marketed oxycotin as non addictive in 1996 ..oxycotin created in 1916 Germany ..well known documented addictive qualities..the Sakler marketed Valium as non addictive in the 70s created a nationwide benzo addiction crises in this country...this time they created a gov addiction,euthanizing program...and anybody with my kind of knowledge is a threat to...Their entire fraud...those bodies on the beach...and the people OD ing...all connected...one way or the other....via Fordham Jesuits and suffolk county FILTH...WITH THE HENRY FAMILY IN THE THICK OF IT...This is 2nd generation sacrificing here...Kevin Cadden..a psychopath and he's another PARTICIPANT..he was my lawyer for a year..along with John Powell...the babylon lawyer specializing in protecting sexual predators.......one big party
    I have found a pattern of several deaths and unidentified bodies found with a connection to Pilgrim State Hospital. This is a different hospital in the area but I'm curious if these could be connected:

    Skeleton Discovered:
    Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]26 Apr 1989: 36.
    A skeleton was found by a maintenance worker raking leaves yesterday on the grounds of Pilgrim State Hospital in Brentwood. Police said the skeleton was found about 2 p.m. in the woods near a fence and actually was on Sagtikos State Parkway property.
    Police said they were unable to verify the sex or age of the remains, but said there appeared to be no signs of foul play. The remains were clad in tan-gray pants and a green shirt.
    Police speculated that the skeleton may be that of a patient who had wandered from the hospital at some time.
    Missing Woman's Body Discovered:
    Yan, Ellen, Newdsay, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]22 Nov 1992: 25.
    The body of a 74-year-old woman, a patient reported missing from the Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital in West Brentwood, was found yesterday morning on the grounds of a state conservation park about two miles from the hospital, police said.
    Police said the woman has been identified as Doris Gatto.
    The homicide squad is investigating, but police could not determine yesterday whether she died of foul play, accidental causes, such as falling, or natural causes. People training their dogs found the woman about 9:30 a.m. in the middle of what used to be Old Commack Road in the state conservation park in Edgewood, police said.
    "She has some injuries so the possibility of foul play exists, but I'm not even going to say that's the foremost possibility," said homicide Det. Lt. John Gierasch. "There are injuries on her body. They're of such a nature that no conclusion could be drawn from them. Those injuries may not have contributed to her death."
    Gierasch said it is not rare for patients from Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital to wander off. "Because this is a mental health facility," he said, "it's part of the nature of the facility that patients wander off and leave the grounds of the facility."
    Gierasch said an autopsy will determine the cause of death.
    "Intelligence, as well, is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas. (One of the facts to be reckoned with is that taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag

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    2 Bodies Found; 1 Identity Sought:
    Winslow, Olivia, Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]20 Feb 1997: A.33.
    Police are investigating the possibility that the body of a woman found in the woods in Calverton yesterday was that of 69-year-old Ann Lustig, who never returned to a Northport adult home after visiting a Kings Park day treatment center Tuesday afternoon.
    The discovery was one of two women's bodies found by passers-by yesterday, police said. The body of a Mount Sinai woman was found in the bay near Smith Point Bridge.
    In the first case, Det. Lt. John Gierasch, commander of Suffolk's homicide squad, said the body was found around 11 a.m. in the woods off Fresh Pond Road in Calverton by members of the Smithtown Hunt Club.
    Gierasch said a cause of death could not be established until an autopsy was performed. He said there was some evidence of trauma, which he did not detail, "the significance of which is not clear. We have to wait for a doctor to do an examination . . . We are not calling it a homicide. Foul play is not clear."
    In the other discovery, the body of Heidi Neidhart, 53, of Mount Sinai was spotted in the bay around 11:30 a.m. yesterday by a bicyclist in Smith Point Park, police said. The woman's body was fully clothed, and "there is no reason to believe foul play" was a factor in the woman's death, Gierasch said, adding that there were no obvious signs of injury.
    Anyone with information about either case is asked to call homicide investigators at 800-299-7310.
    Lustig's disappearance sparked a flurry of calls to police and other agencies when she failed to return by late Tuesday afternoon, said Anneka Van Kirk, administrator of the Dawn Hill Adult Home in Northport, where Lustig had lived for nearly three years. Van Kirk said Lustig left the home between 1 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. for her regular monthly appointment with a psychiatrist and therapist at the Buckman Day Treatment Center in Kings Park. She said Lustig was transported in a Medicaid taxi for her 1:30 p.m. appointment.
    According to Van Kirk, people at the center reported seeing Lustig in front of the Buckman building after she had visited her doctors, presumably waiting for a taxi to return to the adult home. "They assumed someone else picked her up," Van Kirk said of the taxi service she called when Lustig still had not arrived by 5 p.m.
    Lustig had been wearing a red wool jacket and white sneakers when she was last seen.
    Gierasch said the body found in Calverton was clad in a gray sweatsuit with blue and pink vertical stripes and white socks and sneakers. Printed on the sweatshirt was "Simply the Best Mom."
    "Intelligence, as well, is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas. (One of the facts to be reckoned with is that taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag

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    Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]03 Jan 1986: 32.
    BODY IDENTIFIED: A man found dead on a Bay Shore street Monday was identified yesterday as Stephen Connelly, 34, of 1484 Fifth Ave., Bay Shore, a former patient at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.
    Connelly's body was found behind a building on Drayton Avenue. Police were still trying to determine the cause of death. They said the deceased is not believed to have been a crime victim.
    Dead Student's Autopsy Inconclusive:

    D.J. Hill, Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]09 Oct 1986: 43.
    An autopsy on Vincent Starling, who collapsed and died Sept. 20shortly after being admitted into KingsParkPsychiatric Center, hasfailed to determine the cause of his death, a pathologist in the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's office said yesterday. A police investigation is continuing, but has found no evidence of negligence or criminal activity that might have caused his death, said Homicide Det. Kenneth McBride. However, Starling's family said they have hired a pathologist to do an independent autopsy, and a private investigator to look into his death.Dr. Carol Huser, of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's office, said she is listing the cause of Starling's death as "undetermined," but she has included an opinion on his death certificate that heart arrhythmia (when the heart stops beating for a period of time) probably triggered his death.
    Starling, a body builder and Hofstra University student, died on Sept. 20 after he was brought to Kings Park by his family. Kings Parkofficials said Starling, 22, was extremely agitated and collapsed while staff tried to put him in a straitjacket. He was taken to St. John's Episcopal Hospital in Smithtown, where he died.
    Huser said the arrhythmia might have been induced by psychotic agitation, physical struggling and exhaustion. She said other factors that might have contributed to his death were an unusual aller- gic reaction to a tranquilizer that he was given and interruption of his breathing during the struggle.
    Huser said she found no evidence that any blows were delivered that would have been sufficient to cause Starling's death. She said he did have some minor scrapes that likely would have occurred during the struggle, which police said lasted about 30 minutes.
    McBride said evidence from the autopsy and his interviews do not indicate that Starling was struck hard enough to cause him to collapse or that anyone sat on him. "If anything, the medical examiner indicated that the absence of additional injury indicated he was well-handled by the staff," McBride said.
    Huser found no evidence of illicit drugs in Starling's body, and McBride said his interviews indicated that "he doesn't even associate with people who do drugs."
    Friends told police that Starling had been extremely distressed in the weeks before his death about an injury that might have prevented him from playing football, a devastating blow to a young man who wanted to play the sport professionally, McBride said. Friends said he also seemed preoccupied with his grades and his Islamic faith, a religion he had joined last summer, the detective said.
    Attorney Edward Howlett, who was hired by the Starling family, said the family wants its own investigation to determine whether it should "proceed with litigation if there was any negligence along the way."
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    "Intelligence, as well, is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas. (One of the facts to be reckoned with is that taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag

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    Patient Is Found Dead:
    Vincent, Stuart. Newsday,Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]18 Oct 1988: 24.
    A patient at the KingsParkPsychiatric Center apparentlycommitted suicide by hanging himself from a truck on the grounds ofthe state hospital, hospital officials said yesterday. The male patient - whose name was not released by police or hospital administrators - was discovered about 8:30 a.m. yesterday.Robert Hettenbach, executive director of the facility, said the body was found hanging from a portion of a truck that was on the hospital grounds.
    Hettenbach declined to release any other information about the patient or the circumstances of his death. He said he wanted to wait until his staff had talked to the man's family and cleared up some details.
    Psychiatric Patient Found Dead in Sunken Meadow Park:
    Bruchey, Samuel. Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]25 Feb 2003: A28.
    The body of a psychiatric patient who lived in a nearby residential facility was found Sunday afternoon on a walkway in Sunken Meadow State Park, New York State parks police said.Police identified the man as Arthur Bartoszewicz 47, a resident at Residential by The Sound, a facility on the grounds of the old Pilgrim State Hospital in Kings Park.
    Bartoszewicz had been reported missing to Suffolk police early Sunday, according to Maj. Rich O'Donnell of the parks police. His partially-clothed body was found about noon near parking lot No. 3, O'Donnell said.
    The death is not considered suspicious, O'Donnell said. Officials at Residential by The Sound declined to comment.
    "We are looking into the possibility that he walked out of the residence and succumbed to exposure," O'Donnell said.
    There were no signs of trauma on Bartoszewicz's body, O'Donnell said. The body was taken to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's office in Hauppauge for examination.
    Police have been unable to locate any of Bartoszewicz's relatives, O'Donnell said.

    "Intelligence, as well, is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas. (One of the facts to be reckoned with is that taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag

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    The Stories Of Four Who Died:
    Kerr, Kathleen. Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]15 Dec 1991: 06.

    "If force is going to be used on a patient," the commission wrote, "it must be applied in a correct and consistent fashion in order to be effective." Death by Restraint on Long Island Patients at Long Island care facilities who died under restraint between 1979 and 1990. Gasparre Rabito. Deer Park Vincent Starling. Wyandanch Robert Faria. Wyandanch Central Islip Psychiatric Center Gasparre Rabito: Died Jan. 20, 1985; straitjacket or vest, and aides and medication were involved; care has been questioned. Calvin Phinizy: Died Nov. 20, 1987; straitjacket or vest, and aides were involved; care has been questioned. Name Unknown: Died Aug. 7, 1988; straitjacket or vest was involved; state has not found a problem with the care. Franklin General Hospital Name Unknown: Died Oct. 23, 1988; was wearing cuffs; care has been questioned. Kings Park Psychiatric Center Edgar Connar: Died Aug. 2, 1979; straitjacket or vest; care has been questioned. Lola Davido: Died Sept. 28, 1981; straitjacket or vest; care has been questioned. Robert Faria: Died July 17, 1983; straitjacket or vest, and aides and medications were involved; care has been questioned. Vincent Starling: Died Sept. 20, 1986; straitjacket or vest, and aides and medications were involved; care has been questioned. Name Unknown: Care has been questioned. Nassau County Medical Center Michelle Bucci. Died March 28, 1979; circumstances surrounding death unknown. Pilgrim PsychiatricCenter Marion Hirshman: Died Dec. 14, 1979; straitjacket or vest was involved. Name Unknown: Died April 4, 1986; medications were involved; care has been questioned. Name Unknown: Died July 5, 1986; straitjacket or vest and medications were involved; care has been questioned.
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    "Intelligence, as well, is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas. (One of the facts to be reckoned with is that taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag

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    Death by Restraint The toll: 104 mental patients in state have died since '79:
    By Kathleen Kerr. STAFF WRITER. Fred Bruning. Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]15 Dec 1991: 07.
    Rod Thomas was arrested for slugging a pedestrian on a Manhattan street - with a rock wrapped in a belt - and spent his last six months in the grim confines of Manhattan Psychiatric Hospital on Wards Island.The final sequence in Thomas' violent, troubled life occurred on the evening of Oct. 12, 1990, when he directed sexual remarks at a female hospital aide. Ordered to stop, Thomas snapped.
    In the frenzied battle that followed, according to criminal court records, three aides tried to restrain the 26-year-old patient, who stood 5 feet, 10 inches and weighed 178 pounds.
    One of the workers, Angel Mely, 35, about 6-1 and 260 pounds, threw his arms around Thomas' chest from behind. They fell to the floor. Two other aides grabbed Thomas' arms and legs.
    Suddenly, Thomas stopped moving.
    An autopsy showed his neck and chest were crushed. Thomas' larynx was fractured. His eyelids were hemorrhaging, his ribs broken. The medical examiner declared that Thomas died of asphyxiation.
    Shocking and sad, the demise of Rod Thomas was hardly an isolated incident.
    Thomas was one of 104 mentally ill patients in New York State who died after being restrained between 1979 and 1990, a Newsday investigation has found. Some patients, the investigation shows, suffocated in straitjackets. Some died in seclusion rooms where medical emergencies passed unnoticed. Others were strangled accidentally when aides used choke holds to subdue them. A few suffered fatal side effects of potent anti-psychotic drugs.
    While most deaths occurred in state institutions, 11 were reported in hospitals run by New York City, two at Nassau County Medical Center in East Meadow, and four others at private hospitals in the city and on Long Island. Among the dead were:
    Sonja Yglesias, who died in 1982 in a steamy room at City Hospital Center in Elmhurst, Queens, after being twice sedated with a powerful drug and strapped to a bed. Rigid and with her temperature at 106, Yglesias lapsed into a coma and could not be revived by frantic medical teams.
    Vincent Starling, a Hofstra football player, who perished in a tumultuous encounter with 10 aides at Kings Park Psychiatric Center.
    Robert Faria, 28, of Wyandanch, who was sedated with the drug Haldol at Kings Park and strangled a day later when attendants fought to put him in a straitjacket.
    Roger Wade, who suffocated at Kings County Hospital Sept. 1, 1991, after a struggle with eight workers trying to put him in a straitjacket...

    But other mental health officials agreed that staff shortages and lack of training could be a contributing factor in the state's restraint deaths - an embarrassing situation that may explain why authorities apparently misled a number of families whose relatives died in mental institutions.

    For example, when Bennett Fine, 28, a Manhattan bicycle messenger who grew up in Valley Stream, died May 1, 1984, at Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center in Rockland County, a state doctor told his mother, Mildred, that he was killed in a fall while trying to scale a fence.
    But state officials later said Fine suffocated after four aides bound him in a straitjacket and locked him in a cell-like space called a seclusion room - a move that prompted his mother, Mildred, to charge wrongful death.
    She sued for $10 million. Five years later, the state settled for $13,500. Mildred Fine says the judge trivialized her son's death by allowing the state to pay so little. "What in effect he was saying was that his life wasn't worth that much," she said.
    In a number of fatal restraint cases, state officials wrote letters to families saying they found nothing extraordinary about the deaths. But in some instances, as Fine's case shows, problems were severe...
    \Calvin Phinizy, 37, died at Central Islip Psychiatric Center in 1987 when aides tried to force him into a straitjacket. The Suffolk County district attorney's office charged one of the workers with criminally negligent homicide, but the man was acquitted. Only three times in the last decade have hospital workers been indicted in the death of New York mental patients, and none have been convicted...
    Between 1979 and 1990, according to records obtained by Newsday under New York's Freedom of Information law, 77 patients died in restraint-related deaths at state hospitals or developmental centers, four in county hospitals, and seven in private hospitals. Four died in private programs for the mentally disabled. Details on the 12 remaining deaths were unavailable...
    Vincent Starling, 22, a Hofstra University football player from Wyandanch, died in 1986 when he battled Kings Park aides who said they were trying to subdue him. But Starling's mother dismissed the hospital's explanation, got a lawyer and took the case to court.
    "They choked him, they beat him up. They treated him like a dog," said Starling's mother, Mollie, who lives in Wyandanch.
    Last year, Court of Claims Judge Leonard Silverman awarded the Starling family $134,000 in damages, finding that Kings Park staff members had used "unreasonable, inappropriate and unnecessary" force. "For 35 minutes, one man, who was a patient, was knocked around by as many as 10 health care providers," Silverman said.
    In another incident, Gasparre Rabito, 44, a former school custodian from Deer Park, died six years ago at Central Islip Psychiatric after a struggle with hospital aides...
    Sonja Yglesias was among the unfortunate. Sentenced to the Bedford Correctional Facility in Westchester after a Brooklyn stabbing incident, Yglesias, 33, became violent and was sent on Aug. 3, 1982, to the psychiatric ward at City Hospital Center in Elmhurst.
    Workers in Ward D-11 strapped her to a bed in a non-air-conditioned room with wrist and ankle cuffs and injected her with Haldol, an anti-psychotic drug that can cause high fevers. When she became rigid, a doctor halted medication but just 25 minutes later, a nurse administered another dose of the potent substance.
    Yglesias' temperature hit 101.8 and then 106. Staff members packed her in ice and rushed Yglesias to intensive care, but it was too late. Though her fever passed, Yglesias died.
    The New York City medical examiner found the cause of death was an unusually high fever, followed by cardiac arrest. When she drew her last breath, Yglesias was in a coma.
    In addition, powerful anti-psychotic medications, given to patients under restraint, have caused deadly side effects when not properly monitored.
    The 1984 death of Pablo Santiago at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center drew no public notice. But state investigators classified his death as restraint-connected and sharply questioned the care he received.
    According to a state report, Santiago was taken to Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in Brooklyn suffering from alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens. A doctor prescribed Haldol and Valium for him over the phone and ordered him placed into a straitjacket without examining him. A nurse also gave him Librium.
    A few hours after Santiago was admitted, the staff found him rolling on the floor, still in the straitjacket. No one had checked his vital signs. Another doctor determined Santiago was in a coma. A short time later, he was pronounced dead.
    The autopsy blamed alcohol-withdrawal syndrome. The state report on his death criticized as "inappropriate" the hospital's restraint and medication orders for Santiago and charged the staff had failed to monitor him...
    24 patients died in restraints, or shortly after those restraints were removed.
    30 patients died after hospital aides struggled to restrain them - sometimes choking them in the process.
    Blood clots contributed to deaths of six patients tied to their beds with wrist and ankle cuffs...
    Forquer said lack of staff training in state hospitals rather than the devices themselves may have been responsible for some deaths.
    On Dec. 21, 1990, Darrell Booth, 33, clashed with aides at Central New York Psychiatric Center in Oneida County near Rome. Booth, a schizophrenic prison inmate transferred to the hospital for psychiatric care, exhibited bizarre and angry behavior on the day he died.
    When aides tried to subdue him, he became more agitated. The staff tried to hold down his legs, arms, and neck. Finally, they lowered Booth to the floor. When they began lacing him into a straitjacket, they discovered he was limp. Later, state investigators for the Commission on Correction - which investigated because Booth had been a prison inmate - found one or more aides had crushed Booth's neck...
    Earlier this month, Angel Mely was found innocent of murder charges in connection with the death of Rod Thomas at Manhattan Psychiatric Center. "It's clear to me he was a scapegoat in the situation," said his attorney, Ronald Kliegerman. "It seemed to me the state expended a tremendous amount of time trying to get a murder verdict when they should have been trying to change the procedures they use to ensure patient safety."...
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    Woman Found Dead at Motel:
    By Letta Tayler. Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]05 Mar 1990: 18.
    A Wyandanch woman was discovered dead in a room of the Sunview Motel in West Babylon yesterday, but investigators said they would not have any clues as to what killed her until today.The woman, whom police tentatively identified as Rosetta Cotten, 28, was found by one of the motel managers at 9:43 a.m., said Det. Sgt. Kevin Cronin of the Suffolk County Homicide Squad.
    Cotten's body showed no obvious cause of death, and police said they were awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination, which was scheduled to be conducted today at the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Office.
    "We're not ruling out homicide, but we just don't know yet," said Suffolk County police spokesman Officer Peter Kelly. "The cause of death could be anything."
    Cronin said Cotten was married with no children, unemployed and a former patient at Kings Park Psychiatric Center. She checked in alone Saturday at the motel, an eight-room, cement structure at 420 York Pl., just south of Sunrise Highway...
    "Intelligence, as well, is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas. (One of the facts to be reckoned with is that taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas.)" -Susan Sontag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seaslug44 View Post
    You are all very welcome.

    Doing some more research today. Found this article while researching the severed head that was found around the same time as JT's remains were found (see Manorville Butcher discussion).

    SOURCE: Unsolved LI Homicides of 2003: [NASSAU AND SUFFOLK Edition]
    Samuel Bruchey and Zachary R. Dowdy. Newsday [Long Island, N.Y] 28 Jan 2004: A04.
    hi I'm editing here for clarity. The whole post I was referencing did not show up in the quotes. I'm referencing post #36 in which there is a list of person who died in institutions as a result of the staff using restraints with to much force and other atrocities. BOLDED BY ME
    Hi All. I was just looking up the case of Stanley Czaplinski and found 3 articles that state his wife, who had lived in the same room with him at the home for 15 years is the one who poured ammonia down his throat them attempted to kill herself. He had terminal cancer and was apparently suffering Ann's she claimed that wad her motivation. (Sounds like a rough way to go though doesnt it?] They had been married 58 years and were both survivors of Nazi concentration camps. The police pulled her out of the water (she had jumped trying to kill herself), she told them she kill her husband then tried to drink ammonia herself but it burned so badly and choked her that she was unable to get it down, which is why, she said, shed jumped in the river to try to drown herself. Her daughter had come to the home and found her father dead and her mother missing. A sad story to be sure. It sounds to me like she just snapped herself or was otherwise mentally impaired. And that maybe realizing how awful the ammonia must e been for her husband when she tried to get it down had filled her with remorse - just my onion JMO. At the time the 3 articles were written they had not yet filled charges but charges were "pending." I couldn't find anything else about it to see if they ever did.
    Anyway, the links are below. I only posted it because I was horrified at all the deaths in the mental hospitals listed by the OP. It seems that this case at least, is not a case of anyone at the home having committed any crime in the matter.



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