Tony Knoppa and his partner Harry Lanham

Knoppa appeared to be the passive half of the team lacking the intellectual capability to dominate the team.

In the wake of his prior rape conviction, Knoppa said, Lanham had vowed to silence his future victims, insuring against further jail time. "He said I should stick with him," Knoppa testified, "then I'd see a lot of women killed." Their typical M.0. involved picking up hitchhikers, women in bars, or stranded motorists, transporting them to a vacant house for multiple rapes, after which they were driven into the countryside and shot.
Known Victims:

GLoria Ann Gonzalez, age 19, 10/28/1971, Houston, Tx

Colette Anise Wilson - age 13 - 6/17,1971, Alvin, Tx Bus Stop

Adele (Gypsy) Crabtree - age 16 - 11/2/1971 Montgomery County, Tx

Linda Faye Sutherlin, age 20, 11/07/1971, Brazoria County, Tx,2226148