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    VA - Tommy Alley, 73, Newport News, 21 February 2012

    I searched and didn't see a thread on this one yet. I originally saw it last week on my feed on facebook and was shocked.

    Apparently a 73 year old man, Tommy Alley, has been missing since the 21st of February. The police, until yesterday were saying that they did not believe the man to be endangered, so they were not looking for him. Four days (Feb 17) before he went missing a couple were seen in a local Home Depot shoplifting. When the employees tried to detain them, one of the two shoplifters pulled a box cutter and lunged at the employee and the couple escaped driving Mr. Alley's truck. Yesterday, the couple was found in GA and arrested after a high speed chase where one of the couple jumped out of the moving vehicle and the other shot at police.

    So far, the only thing that I have been able to find out is that the police are now treating it like a possible abduction and that the missing man knew the couple, the woman had been to his house before. The missing man is not suspected as being part of the robbery at the Home Depot, but he did not go missing until the 21st of February.

    Here are the two articles:




    I will come back in a bit and post the criminal records of these two people. Just trying to get his information out there, since the couple had left the state. He could be anywhere at this point. One of them just had drug charges and driving charges. The other, if his middle initial is "M" had several shoplifting charges, but also had a charge for abduction from 2002.

    ETA: I forgot to mention that the missing man's cell phone was found in Hampton yesterday and someone called his son's house that he shares with the man to return it.
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    That doesn't sound very good for this gentleman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllaMae View Post
    That doesn't sound very good for this gentleman.
    Sadly, it doesn't sound good for him. In a second I am going to post about their criminal records, since I have been able to confirm through news reports that the man's middle name is "Maurice," which of course, starts with an "M". Finally the police are saying that they want to speak with them on the man's disappearance.

    Updated: http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_n...-georgia-chase


    ^"Charles says police told him after talking to Dobbins they may have gotten the clue they've been looking for. "They're hoping that what she's talking about is that she left my dad in an abandoned home.""


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    Criminal records - These are just the charges and not what the result of the case was because they had so many. the dates are also the hearing dates, not the offense date. For more information you can look up the Virginia Court Case Information Site. I have also left off speeding charges and driving things that are no more serious that driving on a suspended license.

    Wanda D's criminal record in Hampton:

    12/01/03 - Cocaine Possession
    12/01/03 - Receiving stolen property
    01/06/05 - B&E Daytime
    01/06/05 - Cocaine Possession
    01/06/05 - Petit Larceny
    04/17/12 - Failure to Appear
    04/17/12 - RD - Generally-Misd
    04/17/12 - Eldue/Disregard Police Misd
    12/15/06 - Cocaine Possession
    04/02/12 - Obtain Credit Card No. Larceny Credit Card
    04/02/12 - Credit Card Fraud: . $200 6M
    04/02/12 - Failure to Appear, Felony Offense

    Wanda D in Newport News:

    02/29/12 - Principle 2nd Degree Grand Larceny
    02/29/12 - Failure to Appear

    Darren M J in Newport News:

    12/17/04 - Drunk in Public

    Darren M Johnson in Hampton:

    11/22/02 - Robbery
    11/22/02 - Abduction
    11/22/02 - Use of a Firearm in Felony
    12/08/04 - Drunk in Public
    04/21/08 - Felony Shoplifting
    04/21/08 - SC/Failure to Appear
    04/21/08 - Public Swearing/Intoxication
    04/21/08 - Fail to Appear, Felony Offense
    04/21/08 - Conceal/Price Alter Merch 3rd
    02/09/05 - Misd Shoplifting
    02/09/05 - Misd Shoplifting
    10/18/07 - R/H Shoplifting
    10/18/07 - Fail to Appear, Misd Offense
    12/15/10 - Grand Larceny Vehicle/Parts
    05/06/11 - S/C Order for Cert Analysis
    12/15/10 - Nonviolent Felon Poss Gun W/I 10Y

    That is all that I can find at the moment.

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    Another article, but really not that much more information. Complete speculation, but I would assume, based on the age difference that Ms. Dobbins was using this man.


    "Charles Alley said his father had been hanging around with Dobbins, though he was not sure whether the two were romantically linked. He said his father had previously provided her with money and the use of his truck.

    "About 4 p.m. Friday, Dekalb police were flagged down by a person who told police that it appeared that a woman was being held in a pickup against her will. A police officer ran the truck's tags and learned it belonged to Alley."

    There is more info in the article about the chase that led the police in GA to capture the couple.

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    Yep, it looks to me like they were using this man for money and drugs. And when he stopped giving them what they wanted, or talked about turning them in, goodbye to him. Loathsome people!

    Something like this happened to a relative of mine: she was lonely and "befriended" a very young man who kept her totally drunk and isolated and without medical care while he quietly drained her bank accounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggieo View Post
    Yep, it looks to me like they were using this man for money and drugs. And when he stopped giving them what they wanted, or talked about turning them in, goodbye to him. Loathsome people!

    Something like this happened to a relative of mine: she was lonely and "befriended" a very young man who kept her totally drunk and isolated and without medical care while he quietly drained her bank accounts.
    Something similar happened to my grandfather. Luckily we saw what was happening and were able to stop it. The woman was his state licensed care provider and the next thing we knew she was bleeding him dry. We put hidden cameras in the house and saw that she was stealing from him and showed him the tapes and he fired her. I don't know what might have happened if the family had not stepped in when we did.

    I really hope this man is okay. I have not been able to stop thinking about him since I read the first article that said that the police did not consider him endangered and were not looking for him.

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    Sadly, I have nothing positive to report.

    "Police have identified the body found in a vacant Hampton home as Tommy Alley, a missing Newport News man.

    Police told WAVY.com Alley died of asphyxiation. This is now a homicide investigation, police added."


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    I hate the way people are preying on the elderly these days. RIP
    See, I still have most of my marbles!

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    How very sad!

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    How incredibly sad!

    R.I.P. Mr. Alley

    He did NOT deserve to die. What an incredibly selfish act!
    This is where Sky belongs!! Proud member of the Sky Crew & proud supporter of Solomon's quest to find his precious son! "I will always be his father. On this earth I don't see him, but in heaven we'll be together," Metalwala said.


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    I'm so upset about this man. As soon as I heard the story I knew it was going to end this way. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on this one to see what happens to these people. I can't help but wonder if the break in 3 weeks ago was these people "moving in" to this house. Both of the suspects with the truck had upcoming court dates for FTA on other charges unrelated to Mr. Alley.




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    "Dobbins was extradited back to Virginia and is now in custody at Hampton City Jail."

    "Johnson has additional charges in Georgia that stem from the police pursuit and faces extradition to Virginia after he deals with the charges in Georgia, according to a police spokeswoman."





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    From January 2014:


    Tommy Alley's body was found on a bathroom floor in the dead of winter nearly two years ago. His thin face had been duct taped from his eyes to his chin. Bloody scars from a brutal beating also were visible when police found him in a vacant home on Eastmoreland Drive.

    The details of 73-year-old Alley's death were shared Monday in Hampton Circuit Court during the jury trial of Darren Johnson. Johnson, 46, is charged with first-degree murder, abduction, robbery and carjacking in the death of Alley, of Newport News...

    Dobbins pleaded guilty to first-degree murder through an Alford plea Monday morning before Johnson's trial began. An Alford plea means a defendant accepts that there is enough evidence to convict but does not admit guilt. Dobbins faces 20 years to life in prison. She will be sentenced in April.

    A Hampton man was found guilty Tuesday and sentenced to three life terms plus 20 years in prison in the brutal death of a 73-year-old man.

    A jury found Darren Johnson, 46, guilty of first-degree murder, abduction, carjacking and robbery in the 2012 death of Tommy Alley. The jury deliberated for a little more than an hour before returning the guilty verdicts.
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