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    9 7.44%
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    106 87.60%
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    1 0.83%
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    Quote Originally Posted by magpie View Post
    The Hush Puppy Orbital shoes, the missing shirt, lied about getting the sports scores from a copy of USA Today when his computer history showed he checked scores on there, smoking a cigar when he didn't even like smoking. Also the info about Cassidy's clothing and the fact that she had been cleaned up evidently, I mean who else would clean up the baby before they left? So many things, but one of the biggest things for me was propping the door of the Hotel open at the exact same place the surveillance camera was moved twice that very night and ONLY on that night. He's GUILTY of Murder 1 and I sure hope it sticks.
    Yep, it all adds up, doesn't it?

    At least Cassidy can read the transcripts in the future and know that, even though her father murdered her mother, he at least cared enough about her to spare HER life. As he planned Michelle's murder, he must have visualized a future that included Cassidy. Thank heavens this murder did NOT go unsolved with Cassidy being raised by JY and MM. Something tells me MM could have pulled that off without a blink.

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    ^^^The only mistake Michelle Money made was sleeping with Jason and she paid for it...imo

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