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    CA - Jeanette Ogara, 33, killed by homemade cannon, Potrero, 6 March 2012

    Woman Dies After Homemade Cannon Fires (ABC/AP)
    POTRERO, Calif. March 6, 2012 (AP)
    A woman died Tuesday after a homemade cannon blew a projectile into a mobile home in a remote San Diego County community.

    Two men, including the woman's husband, were tinkering with the cannon outside the home when it went off and sent a projectile into the home, said Capt. Mike Mohler of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

    It was not immediately clear whether the projectile or the cannon blast killed the 33-year-old woman, he said.
    more at the link above
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    According to our local, the boyfriend (or husband) ignited it. Good Lord, the thing is aimed at the home full of people? Its a wonder more people didn't die. I wonder if he did it on purpose. The child is with a neighbor -- I hope the little 4 year old doesn't go back to him. Photo at link too.

    The man, who is either the husband or boyfriend of the victim, told investigators he had ignited the makeshift artillery and it went off. He was also injured in the explosion, Martinez said.

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    From AP link above:
    Mohler said he could not confirm reports that the men had been drinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    From AP link above: Mohler said he could not confirm reports that the men had been drinking.
    I'm betting they might have.

    "He liked experimenting with guns, and it looks like this experiment went bad," he told the newspaper.
    You can say that again!
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    Looks like this guy has a history of domestic violence - and more...

    Richard Fox Charged With Murder For Alleged Homemade Cannon Accident


    Fox was placed on probation and ordered to complete a 52-week domestic violence recovery program. The probation expired in January.
    He also served at least three prison sentences in the 1990s for auto theft and weapons possession convictions.

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    From September 2014:


    A man who set off a homemade explosive device in rural East County, sending shrapnel into the side of a trailer and accidentally killing his fiancee, was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison...

    Although he originally faced a murder charge, Fox pleaded guilty in July to exploding a destructive device — which some have referred to as a cannon — and possession of materials to make a destructive device.

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