A purse snatcher in a small Norwegian town picked the wrong 88-year-old woman to rob, since she was with a tough younger man at the time. Her 78-year-old friend ended up sending the thief to the hospital this week, the local newspaper Moss Avisen reported Friday.

The report said the thief was on a bicycle when he snatched the purse in Raade, a small town about 50 kilometres south of Oslo.

The elderly man reacted instantly, grabbing hold of the purse and struggling with the 30-year-old thief.

During the struggle, the senior dragged the young man off his bike and onto the asphalt.

The stunned thief took a beating - bleeding profusely from a cut on his head - and staggered off, still clutching the woman's wallet which he had pulled from the purse.

Police quickly located him and took him to a hospital, where he needed seven stitches.