Who'd a-thunk it? The Amazing Kreskin, who bills himself as "the world's foremost mentalist," wants to help his home state of New Jersey stem the tide of shady practices in government, a problem U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie has called widespread.

Kreskin sent a letter to acting Gov. Richard Codey offering his nonpartisan services to help ferret out those who come to government with ulterior motives.

Kreskin, who lives in northern New Jersey, said he would monitor government meetings with a mind's eye toward keeping things above board.

"If a person is coming in with a strong hidden agenda, they're thinking about it. They're focusing on it," he said Wednesday in a telephone interview. "I could get a damn strong sense (of that)."

Kreskin said he sent his letter to Codey's office on Monday, signing it "ESPecially, Kreskin."