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    AL - Derrick Kucera, 23, Moulton, 29 Oct 1986

    Derrick's NamUs page:


    Dental: NA
    DNA: NA
    Fingerprints: NA

    Case report:

    Derrick was last seen October 29th as a passenger in a car with an unidentified male on Ivy Hollow Road. Wallet was left behind
    14 NOV 1986

    Article gives his age as 23, says he left home without his billfold or automobile. Last seen as a passenger in a early model LDT ford driven by blond man on 02 NOV 1986.

    His keys and his wallet were found in the home of his parents (where he lived) on a piano. One car was there and the other was in the shop (both vehicles are his).

    They put out an all points bulletin for him and searched woods and water bodies as well.

    He was a student at Calhoun Community College.

    22 NOV 1986

    This article gives the date he was seen as a passenger in a car as 29 OCT 1986. Gives details about where LE searched for him. His parents were out of town but his brother was there and left to go to the store, when he returned Derrick was gone but this personal items were still there. (paraphrased from article).

    25 MAR 1987

    Governor offers $10,000.00 reward. (date of LKA varies yet again, probably just reporting error).

    03 APR 1987

    Derrick left behind his wallet, shoes, money and clothes. His Mother Violet Kucera wants to believe he's still alive (she was interviewed for article). The investigative file was reportedly lost. Mrs. Kucera and her Husband Rudy hired a PI. Brother (who was in the home with Derrick) says that he left to go get a pack of cigarettes and when he returned Derrick was gone. Reports of Derrick being seen after 29 OCT 1986 reported as "unconfirmed" per interview with LE. Derrick had a date on 31 OCT to play music with a woman (he was a musician) and never kept that date.

    I don't find a picture of Derrick. Please add any additional articles or information you find for him to his thread.

    Gone too long. Come home soon. Prayers for your family.

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    Derrick Kucera – Missing from Lawrence County
    July 8, 2013
    There is no image available of Kucera.
    On August 6, 2012, mother of two Tamala Wells drove away from her home in Detroit. She has not been seen or heard from since she made her last phone call at 11:45 pm. Her car was recovered three days later, 20 minutes away from her home. Friends and family members are baffled.

    Consider featuring a missing person in your signature - a simple act that could get the right pair of eyes on the case.

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    It appears there may be an image available at http://www.e-yearbook.com/yearbooks/...8/Page_82.html
    Whilst I am surprised that someone age 23 in 1986 appears in a 1978 yearbook (it would mean he was 15 at the time) it is the right school and I cannot imagine there are 2 Derrick Kucera's of similar age in the same town. Unfortunately getting the image requires purchase but perhaps a local member of this site has access to past yearbooks?

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    Here is a yearbook picture of Derrick:

    This is from Lawrence County High School in Moulton, AL in 1978

    It can be viewed on Ancestry for anyone who has a membership: https://www.ancestry.com/interactive...&usePUBJs=true
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