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    AL - Rebecca Ferguson, 32, Jasper, 16 September 1988

    AKA Becky.

    Becky's NamUs profile:


    Case summary:

    No one has seen or heard from Becky Ferguson since Sept. 16, 1988. A relative expected Ferguson to come for a visit in Birmingham that day, but she never arrived.

    A new Cadillac belonging to the 32-year-old mother of two was later found on the shoulder of Alabama 257 near the Jasper community of Curry.
    Dental: NA
    DNA: NA
    Fingerprints: NA

    I didn't find any other missing databases with a listing for Becky.

    I did find a couple of articles that a fellow crime board had copy and pasted that had at one time been in print or on the internet but I could not find active links to those individual articles.

    The articles (2 IIRC) are found at this link:

    REBECCA FERGUSON, MISSING 1988, Alabama - Cold Case Investigations

    Becky left behind two Sons that are now grown. Prayers for them and Becky's family. Come home soon.
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    ATTENTION MODS: Relabeling this Thread

    ATTENTION MODS: This thread might need relabeling, changing Birmingham to Jasper, or Walker County. You might want to also add her maiden name, Files, since she was seeking a divorce, according to a poster on Official Cold Case Investigations (link below).

    Via Google News, I found this Sept. 17, 1993 article (which the Times got from the Associated Press - byline Jasper, AL) with the Headline: "Woman Will Never Forget Sister Who is Missing":

    The Tuscaloosa News ran the exact same AP story - but used a different headline - "Reward Could Shed Light on Old Case":

    The story's about the kidnapping of a Jasper, Alabama woman, Carrie Lawson, and about Rebecca "Becky" Ferguson. It has quotes from Ferguson's sister, Clara Waid, and their mother. Mrs. Waid's theory is that Becky was kidnapped from her (Becky's) garage.

    "Becky Ferguson told her mom that night that she was on her way to Birmingham where she planned to visit her cousin."

    Birmingham (I lived there 50 years) is in Jefferson County. I take the above quote to mean Becky didn't live in Birmingham. There's no evidence that she got anywhere near there. Her car was found in Jasper, Alabama, which is in Walker County. The Associated Press (AP) byline from my links is Jasper, AL.

    According to Cold Case Investigations:
    "FBI agents assisted the district attorney’s office and Walker County Sheriff’s Department with the investigation into Ferguson’s disappearance."

    NamUs has her listed under Walker County.
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    Becky's Address?

    Becky apparently didn't live in Birmingham, but I don't know where she did live. The 1940 Census lists only one Irene Files--Sam & Irene Files, living in Birmingham, AL. Irene's 26 (making her born in 1914), a plausible age to birth Becky 16 years later (age 42) in 1956. But she and Sam were black and NamUs lists Becky as white.

    No one named Clara Files or Clara Waid is listed on the 1940 Census. There are 17 Files in Jefferson County and 133 in Walker County. There's a widowed Ila Files, age 23, with a 2 yr-old son. She's living in Walker County with her parents, last name Johnson, two doors away from her probable in-laws, ages 60 & 61. The page is quite legible so I don't think Ila could be mistaken for Irene. Possible, but not probable, that Irene married a second time to another man also named Files in order to give birth to Clara & Becky.

    No luck on Find-a-Grave either.

    Two websites lists a Becky Ferguson at:
    579 River Ridge Trace, Jasper, AL.

    Finding out her full name would help weed out some of the other names on White Pages.

    If I learn anything new, I'll post again.

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    P. S.
    Due to the possible tie-in to Carrie Smith Lawson, age 25, who went missing from Jasper, AL on September 11, 1991, I posted the newspaper articles links on Carrie's page.

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