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    AL - James Reynolds, 28, Opp, 8 May 1999

    James' Doe Network page:


    James' Charley Project page:


    James' NamUs profile:


    Dental: NA
    DNA: NA
    Fingerprints: NA

    case report:
    James was last seen leaving the "Hideaway Club' at approximately 3:15am in the company of five individuals all of whom have been reported missing as well. All six individuals were traveling in a burgundy 1986 Chevrolet Caprice. The other individuals were found inside a car submerged in the Pea River in Coffee County, Alabama on September 29, 1999. Mr. Reynolds body was never recovered. Despite numerous searches of the river only a dark colored jacket believed to belong to Reynolds has been found.
    Picture of James from first link embedded in this post.

    Come home soon.
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    Just a little added info about the case.

    This happened just a few miles from where I live. Big searches were conducted. No traces were found of the missing 6 people. In order to get back home to Enterprise from Opp where the group had been at a club, they had to cross the Pea River over Ballard's Bridge in a rural area.

    IIRC, the river had been initially searched under the bridge and nothing was found.

    Inbetween the time the group disappeared and the time they were found, the river had flooded. At the time they were found, the river was at a low level, and not sure, but I believe the car was noticed by fishermen.

    There has been speculation that due to Reynolds criminal record that he might have disappeared on purpose, but most believe the car simply ran off the road as the group traveled back to Enterprise and remained undiscovered in the river until it got to a low level where it could be seen.It's possible that Reynolds body left the car and the flood carried it away. One of the victim's watch was stopped about 20 min. past the time the group was last seen at the club and that was about how long it would have taken them to arrive at the bridge.

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