Good heavens, talk about not having a clue!! Be prepared for head implosion upon reading this article. Orland is yet another yucky guy for our music education. And one totally blinded by his narcissism. He was defiant?? This is "difficult" for him? He wastes the court's time by prattling on and on about his accomplishments? His band room was a "safe place to be"? I think NOT.

He got 12 years....not nearly enough but something. In Orland's own words, "For that, I am grateful".

Former high school band teacher pleads guilty to sexual contact with students
March 10, 2012

"Former West Aurora High School band director Steve Orland was sentenced to 12 years in prison Friday morning after pleading guilty to fondling two band students in 2010 and 2011. Orland, 42, of North Aurora, was defiant and unapologetic before being led away in handcuffs..."


"....Prosecutors said Orland, who knew the girls since they were freshmen, sent them thousands of texts and dropped notes and letters in their lockers during school. In pleading guilty, Orland admitted that he arranged to meet the girls in a band storage room on separate occasions, where he abused them. He was caught when another teacher opened the storage room door and found Orland with one of the girls...."


"...At no point in the statement did Orland apologize for his actions or to the victims. He did admit Friday was a difficult day and that he was experiencing a “wide range” of emotions...."


".... after the investigation began, Orland met with one of the girl’s friends. During that meeting, he said “We cannot let the girls testify against me,” according to court records. At unspecified times, Orland told one of the girls “if (she) really loved him, she would not testify” and also commented his “life would be over” if the girls testified..."

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