A Palm Beach County grand jury issued a scathing report Friday after investigating the July death of an 18-year-old man who struck his head twice in a juvenile jail and exhibited visible signs of distress for more than six hours before he died of brain injuries.

Nine guards were fired at the Palm Beach Regional Detention Center in the aftermath of the death of Eric Perez, of Fort Pierce, but the grand jury concluded no criminal charges could be filed against any of the guards because Florida law does not address a death caused by neglect in a juvenile jail.

The grand jury urged lawmakers to create new legislation to criminalize such a death of a youth being held in the custody of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

"The grand jury evaluated the circumstances of Mr. Perez's death for possible criminal charges; however, the grand jury determined that no existing statute applied to the specific facts of the matter," prosecutors said in a statement. "The grand jury urges the Florida Legislature to enact a statute that criminalizes the neglect of anyone in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice."

The grand jury found that Perez died after suffering two hits to his head, but five medical experts were unable to determine if Perez's cerebral hemorrhage was caused by the blows to the head or if immediate medical help would have saved his life. Still, "Mr. Perez never had the chance to survive," the grand jury wrote.

Neither Perez's mother, Maritza Perez, nor an attorney representing her could be reached on Friday for comment despite calls.

One of the hits to Perez's head came at the hands of guards, who were searching the inmates for contraband snacks about 8 p.m. on July 9 and picked him up by his head and feet and dropped him.

"As the search of Mr. Perez took place, he is roughly tossed in the air, striking the wall and/or floor with his head and/or shoulder as he came back down," the grand jury report says. "Security video in the cafeteria shows Mr. Perez to be unsteady on his feet after the fall."

More of this inhuman treatment at link....unbelievable, even for Fl. I so wish there were criminal charges!