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    Librarian wants criminal charges on late returners

    Keeping library books too long could soon land some readers in jail. Frustrated librarians want the worst offenders to face criminal charges and up to 90 days behind bars.

    "We want to go after some of the people who owe us a lot of money," said Frederick Paffhausen, the library's system director. "We want to set an example."

    Paffhausen, who took over as director in October, is asking the Bay County Library Board for permission to seek arrest warrants for offenders who ignore repeated notices. The board plans to consider the crackdown next month.

    One patron from Bad Axe owes $1,190 for 73 items mainly science-fiction books hoarded for more than a year, Paffhausen said.

    Patrons keep an average of $25,000 in overdue materials out of the library system each year, officials said.

    That costs taxpayers money, because the library often must buy copies to replace unreturned materials, leaving less for new books, CDs and DVDs, Paffhausen said.


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