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    KS - Ahliyah Irvin, 8, Topeka, 13 March 2012

    Man jailed in death of 8-year-old girl

    Billy Frank Davis Jr. jailed on suspicion of murder, rape, burglary

    Billy Frank Davis Jr., 28, of Topeka, was booked into the Shawnee County Jail on Tuesday night in connection with aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, rape and felony first-degree murder, said Topeka police Capt. Jerry Stanley.

    Stanley said police don’t think Davis had any connection to the little girl, who was a second-grade student at Highland Park Central Elementary School.

    Ahliyah was reported missing at 5 a.m. Tuesday from the 2400 block of S.E. Bellview, the same area where her body was found 45 minutes later.

    About 50 law enforcement officers were brought in to search for Davis.

    “The perimeter was so tight air couldn’t escape,” Miller said.
    my opinion...........and i happen to agree with it.....

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    Police found the child's body early Tuesday in the same southeast Topeka apartment complex where family members reported her missing about 45 minutes earlier.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Police found Ah'liyah's body in a Highland Park apartment building less than an hour after Ortega reported her missing. Ortega says, "I can't believe how sick men are now a days. All women that have children. Please, please, please watch your kids. Please don't trust anybody."

    Police arrested Billy Davis on charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, rape and first-degree murder. Ortega says, "I just want him to suffer like he had my daughter suffer. There was people there that could've helped my baby and they didn't and I just want to know why they didn't help my baby and they knew she was getting hurt. I just want to know why. She had so long to live and now she's not here no more."
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    A suspect has been arrested and is being held on $10 million bond in the death and sexual assault of an 8-year-old Topeka girl.


    The Shawnee Co. District Attorney's Office is reviewing what charges might be filed in the murder of an eight-year old girl.


    Family members say she was sleeping when the suspect, Billy Davis, entered the apartment she was in and took her.
    Police won't confirm how she was killed.
    The coroner's office says an autopsy was completed, but findings are not being released.


    Topeka Police also said Wednesday the person of interest they were seeking Tuesday,
    18-year old Deshawn Hughes, was located and questioned. They say he is a witness.


    Police were called to the 2400 block of SE Bellview around 5 am Tuesday.
    Family reported Ahliyah Irvin missing.
    About 45 minutes later, Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller said, Ahliyah was found dead in an apartment in the same complex.

    Miller would not give details on how Ahliyah was killed or the condition of her body,
    but did call the crime "particularly heinous."

    Police identified 28-year old Billy Davis as a person of interest a short time later.


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    Ahliyah Nachelle Irvin, 8, Topeka, died Tues., March 13, 2012.
    She was born Feb. 8, 2004...


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    The face of an angel

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    This reminds me of Ryan Brunn - both little girls even look the same. And why was this creep out on the street. A poster summed it up quite nicely --

    Good Night Judge Braun, good night unnamed probation officer, good night Davis' defense attorney. I hope you all sleep well knowing this evil passed through your hands,but you did all you could to keep Aliyah safe from her rapist and murderer.You did your job. When you wake up in the morning,remember that Aliyah never will again.

    Can we just get rid of suspended sentences altogether? If someone comits a felony, off to jail with them. Not some supervised probation scam which allows these felons to get away with whatever they want.

    RIP sweet Ahliyah. This could have been avoided had the justice system just done the job they were hired to do.

    So incredibly sad...



    ETA photos of these two beautiful girls lost far too soon. My heart is broken once again! They look like they could be sisters


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    another beautiful light extinguished by darkness. When does it end?
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    RIP, little Ahliyah with the beautiful smile.

    Her mother's words are breaking my heart. And the family out washing cars to pay for her funeral. Awful.
    “Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all." -Abp Oscar Romero

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    What a darling little girl-RIP Ahliyah

    hope the monster rots in jail!!!

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    Wow... beautiful little girl, taken by a predator. I hope he never sees freedom again. When my daughter was younger... i used to lock her bedroom door, out of fear of stuff like this. It reminds me of the Jessica Lumsford case. But that creepo actually kept her for awhile before burying her alive.

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    RIP beautiful angel. You did not deserve the torture you endured in your last moments here.

    I have a little girl who's about to turn six. Being a parent becomes more terrifying by the moment when we hear more and more stories of children being snatched right from their beds. In their homes. Where they're supposed to be safe and comfortable. I am truly terrified.

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    God she was pretty!

    RIP sweet baby......

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    Despite the rainy weather, at least 100 people came out to light a candle and say a prayer for Ahliyah Irvin.

    The eight-year-old girl was snatched from a southeast Topeka apartment last Tuesday, then raped and murdered.


    Billy Davis, who was reportedly staying at another apartment in the complex, is being held on $10 million bond on a charge of capital murder for Ahliyah's death.


    People cradled lit candles in their hands while others grasped tightly onto balloons as dusk settled across the park and family members and friends talked about the tragic loss of Ahliyah.

    “I’m tired of wrapping trees and burying children,”
    community activist Yolanda Mitchell said.


    A judge set his preliminary hearing for June 12 and 13.


    The capital murder charge could allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty.


    He is charged with two alternative counts of capital murder and an alternative count of premeditated first-degree murder.

    Rape of a child younger than 14 by an offender 18 or older
    Aggravated kidnapping
    Two counts of aggravated burglary
    Burglary of a building used as a dwelling
    Two misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property

    The alternative counts on the capital murder charge are either :

    Premeditated killing
    of a victim in the commission of a rape, criminal sodomy or aggravated criminal sodomy.


    Intentionally killing
    a child younger than 14 in the commission of a kidnapping, or an aggravated kidnapping when the kidnapping was committed with the intent that the child commit or submit to a sex offense.


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