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    Students lose scholarships after racist chant


    The University of Southern Mississippi has disciplined five members of its pep band who heckled Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez during last week's NCAA Tournament game.


    I don't know if any of you caught this game but I was stunned when I heard what these kids were chanting. It was bad enough that the chant was just wrong but these were members of their band, pretty visible people in the crowd, did they actually think they would get away with it?? And the weirdest part about it-- the kid they were chanting about was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Miami. It really makes me sad that stuff like this happens and I am so thankful that these kids have been punished.

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    Here's another article that has a short video where you can hear the chant.


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    Yea, they were REALLY ignorant. For chanting something derogatory at the player and then not knowing that he didn't need a green card to be in the US. They not only need a class in tolerance but also a couple in history.

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