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    Help Wanted~Teach Us How to *Search* WS?

    How about a thread to teach us how to do SEARCHES on WS? How to search the entire site and how to search our own posts.

    It might help a bunch with the problem of starting new threads. (Yeah, I know. I see the irony of me starting a new thread here. )

    Anyone game to teach us? (Or am I the only WSer that doesn't know how?)
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    Go to Search (third link from the right at the top), then pick Advanced Search at the bottom of the box. If you have more questions, just ask.
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    To search your own post just double click on your name in any thread that you've posted then go to find all posts. Or, you can use the members list and search that way.

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    Advance Search allows you to search by thread or by post.
    You can search on "lisafremont" for example, or on "lisa" and if you unclick the check it will bring up all "lisa's".
    You can search by Thread Name or search entire posts.

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