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    Baby suffocatesin doated crib weeks after family lost home in fire

    Just weeks after a couple lost their home, possessions and two dogs in a fire, their 6-month-old baby suffocated in a collapsed crib. "The crib had broken loose in one of the corners, so she had slid down in the corner," Rhonda Kinney said. "There was a blanket that held her up from falling through all the way to the floor."

    Kinney discovered her daughter, Sara Holmes, around 12:30 a.m. Friday. She and the baby's father, Tim Holmes, tried to resuscitate her until emergency crews arrived

    Kinney said they don't blame the people who donated the crib. They couldn't be more thankful for the support they've received since a fire Oct. 30 on Ridgewood Street SE.

    "It's just something that happens," she said.

    Kinney and Holmes, who plan to be married, are relying on each other and family and friends. Holmes had a portrait of Sara tattooed on his chest Friday in memorial of his child.

    Their 4-year-old daughter assures them that Sara is in heaven with their dogs, Copper and Angel. Kinney and Holmes have a combined family of four remaining children.

    A friend, Robin Martinez, took three of them to the Christmas parade in Grand Rapids, where they excitedly wished Santa a merry Christmas and scoured the pavement for candy.

    "Could I have a present?" yelled Jacob Kinney, 7.

    "They needed to get away from the house," Martinez said, "and give Mom and Dad some space."

    Furniture is being delivered to their new rental home on Blaine Avenue SE, and donations of clothes and food still are coming in. They also have two golden retriever puppies, Sandy and Dusty, to brighten their days.

    Kinney said they are overwhelmed with the help they have received.

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    Oh how sad. They seem to be taking it very well though.

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    I cannot imagine this. You think we all have sad & tragic stories to tell - but OMG. I think once it really sinks in - they'll have a rough hill to climb. Sounds like shock to me right now Prayers sent their way.

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    I'm not sure I'd be in a place where I could say "Its just something that happens." I'm pretty sure I'd need to be scraped off the floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeana (DP)
    I'm not sure I'd be in a place where I could say "Its just something that happens." I'm pretty sure I'd need to be scraped off the floor.

    Same here !!

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    Her reaction is very strange isn't it??
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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