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    TX - Diane Tilly, 58, Alamo Heights, 22 Nov 2004

    Missing Teacher's Car Found Burned Out

    LAST UPDATE: 11/24/2004 6:00:15 AM
    Posted By: Carly Miller

    The car of a missing Alamo Heights Teacher was found Tuesday in western Guadalupe County. Police suspect foul play in her disappearance.

    Diane Allison Tilly's car was found burned out near Interstate 10 and Zuehl Rd, police said.

    Tilley was supposed to show up Tuesday morning at the Alamo Heights Alternative School to drop off some turkeys for a luncheon.

    When she what a no-show, her friends became worried, and went to her home on the 9400 block of Bending Crest.

    The school's principal called a friend, who then called Sheriff's Deputies.

    Deputies now suspect foul play, based on the condition of Tilly's home.

    "It's ransacked, basically. Things scattered all over the place. Furniture has been moved, and then again, of course, her car is missing too," said Sergeant Rudy Castillo.

    Tilly is 58 years old, 5'4, 135 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

    If you have any information, you're asked to call the Bexar County Sheriff's Department.

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    Two Questioned in Teacher's Disappearence

    LAST UPDATE: 11/24/2004 12:48:37 PM
    Posted By: Jim Forsyth

    Two people, identified by sources as an adult man and a teenaged girl, are facing charges today in connection with the disappearance of Alamo Heights remedial school teacher Diane Allison Tilly, 1200 WOAI news reported today.

    Deputies received a tip when the girl, said to be a runaway, told relatives that she was staying with the man at the Super Eight Motel on Interstate 35 north across from Splashtown, sources said.

    Detectives arrived at the motel and found a small white pickup truck believed to be involved in the ransacking of Tilly's home on Bending Creek. When the man say deputies, he bolted from his truck and was arrested in a parking lot across the street.

    Sheriff's Captain Briann Lunan says both are facing charges of resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. She confirmed that Tilly's property was found in their possession, including an ATM or credit card.

    Late this morning, detectives were seen carrying large boxes full of clothing and personal belongings out of Room 244 of the motel. The white pickup, with an attached trailer, was towed away.

    Officials stress that the pair has not been charged with committing any crimes against Tilly, and Tilly's fate is not known.

    Tilly, 58, was reported missing when she failed to show up at the Robbins Academy in Alamo Heights yesterday morning. Her home was ransacked and her car was found burning in a field in Guadalupe County last night.

    There is evidence that individuals have tried to use her credit card and ATM card, sources said.


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    Oh gosh....this looks SO bad.......

    Prayers for her family....

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    Pair arrested in disappearance

    By Tommy D. Crow
    Seguin Gazette

    Published November 25, 2004

    SAN ANTONIO — A 33-year-old itinerant lawn care worker and his 15-year-old daughter are being held in Bexar County Jail connection with the disappearance of Alamo Heights teacher Diane Tilly.

    Bexar County Sheriff’s Detective Alfred Damiani alleged Wednesday afternoon during a press conference that Ronnie Joe Neal and his daughter broke into Tilly’s northeast side home in the affluent Alamo Heights area and stole several items, including the teacher’s ATM and credit cards.

    The pair are charged with resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. Damiani said additional charges could follow.

    He said Neal has a history of criminal activity and is wanted in several Texas counties on burglary charges. His daughter, who Damiani described as coming from a “classic dysfunctional family,” has a history of being a runaway. The detective said it appears the 15-year-old willing participated in the alleged crime spree.

    Damiani said the incident was not a random crime and believes Tilly likely let Neal and his daughter into her home sometime late Monday night. The pair lived for a while in Tilly’s neighborhood where Neal may have done Tilly’s yard work.

    Tilly, 58, a teacher at Robbins Academy in Alamo Heights, was last heard from around 7:30 Monday evening.

    Tuesday morning she failed to show up at school and later missed a scheduled flight to Dallas.

    When Tilly was a no-show at a Thanksgiving celebration, colleagues became concerned and went to her home. When they found the home locked, they called the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

    Authorities arrived shortly after 10 a.m. and discovered Tilly’s home ransacked and and her 1998 Cadillac Fleetwood missing.

    Late Tuesday, the remains of Tilly’s car turned up on the banks of a flooded Cibolo Creek in far western Guadalupe County near the Zuehl Flying Community.

    Tilly’s whereabouts remain unknown. Damiani said Neal and his daughter, who is a former student at Judson High School, are being uncooperative and have not revealed any information about became of Tilly.

    “We do not now what the location of Diane Tilly is right now,” he said. “We have not found a body, and we have no proof that she is dead.”

    Damiani said a bullet hole was found in a couch in Tilly’s living room, but no blood was found, indicating she wasn’t likely killed in her home.

    While the two suspects were being processed, deputies from Bexar and Guadalupe counties searched an area near Zuehl Road south of Interstate 10 on foot and by air for any sign of Tilly.

    Officials from the Heidi Search Center also helped in the search, along with K-9 patrols from Bexar County.

    Damiani told reporters that activity on Tilly’s credit cards led to the suspects’ arrest. Following credit card purchases, detectives were able to locate a couple of convenience stores where Damiani said they believe they got some good video of both of the suspects they have in custody.

    “These detectives came across the truck, which was captured on video at the convenience stores,” Damiani said. “When they stopped the truck, Mr. Neal tried to run from the officers. He was taken into custody, and when the officers returned to the truck, they found in the bed of the truck several items we have subsequently identified as belonging to Ms. Tilly.”

    Among the items seized from Neal’s truck were several weapons and Tilly’s laptop computer.


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    Puzzling Details in Teacher's Disappearance

    LAST UPDATE: 11/25/2004 6:15:24 PM
    Posted By: Walker Robinson

    A father and daughter arrested Wednesday after the disappearance of an Alamo Heights teacher have told San Antonio Police details that are puzzling.

    Diane Tilly has been missing since early this week.

    Thirty-three-year-old Ronnie Neal and his 15-year-old daughter are in custody. Ronnie Neal is charged with aggravated robbery.

    News 4 WOAI obtained the arrest warrant affidavit Thursday.

    Neal said he found Tilly’s 1998 Cadillac running at a car wash, according to the affidavit. Neal also told police he found Tilly’s ATM card in the ash tray of the car along with a PIN number, the affidavit said.

    Neal admitted to using Tilly's card at several locations, then when he saw television coverage of Tilly's disappearance along with her car description, he decided to take the car to an isolated area and burn it, records state.

    Neal refused to tell police why he took Tilly's car and told investigators he does not know where Tilly is.

    Investigators are worried.

    “We don't know where Diane Tilly is right now,” Det. Al Damiani with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said. “We have not found a body, so we don't know if she's dead.

    Neal's 15-year-old daughter was with her father when police arrested him. She is also facing charges, and is accused of using Tilly's ATM card.

    Neal admits knowing Tilly from working for doing yard work for her in the past, records state.


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    Thank you, fourboys.

    Prayers for Diane and all who search, for answers and soon.

    With love and HOPE, Lanie

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    New Clues In The Search For A Missing Teacher

    LAST UPDATE: 11/27/2004
    Posted By: Carly Miller

    New clues in the search for missing Alamo Heights teacher Diane Tilly.

    Some of her belongings were found along the I-10 access road, in East Bexar County, Saturday morning.

    A couple headed towards San Antonio saw something on the side of the road, and stopped to check it out.

    Investigators say what they found was Diane Tilly's social security card wrapped in her bedsheets.

    "Every little item we find is a step closer to finding her, to finding what happened to her," said Sergeant Dan Sanchez.

    What happened to the beloved teacher is on the minds of many people, especially the investigators.

    They believe the sheets were thrown out a car window and had been there for a few days. They say there was no blood on them.

    The new find just a few miles from where Tilly's car was found burned.

    On Saturday a police helicopter searched for Tilly's body, or any signs of evidence, while dogs scoured the area by ground.

    One police officer searched through suspicious bags that turned out to be trash, all to find Diane Tilly.

    "That's what it's all about. We want to find her. Hopefully she's alive, but if something worse happened, we so be it," said Sanchez.

    While some have given up hope that she's still alive, everyone wants an answer.

    Including Oscar Trevino who lives just steps from where the new evidence was found.

    "I hope they find something, so she can be buried decently," said Trevino.

    Whether it happens today, next week, or next month, officers and deputies say they will solve this mystery.

    "We're trying to get to the end of the tunnel here," said Sanchez.

    Tilly's sheets will be examined for any kind of DNA or other evidence.

    33-year-old Ronnie Neal and his 15-year-old daughter are still being held in connection with Tilly's disappearance. So far Neal has been charged with robbery.


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    This guy ended up storing anti-depressants and committing suicide by overdose in 2011. Can't say I was sorry to read about it. The daughter has been released.

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