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    FIFTY victims? What the ****?!?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve76020 View Post
    I'm a retired long haul driver and in my 20 plus years over the road I never, ever heard any open discussions of kidnapping, murder, or like subjects ever. So please be careful out there but dont take for granted that because a few truck drivers are really bad people that they all are! Some are really good people, who love their families and wouldnt hurt another person for the world.It's like the song say's "one bad apple dont spoil the whole bunch".
    We have a 5th wheel and when times are not busy, we park in truck stops. This past spring we parked next to a 20 yr truck driver who had a German shepherd as a companion. We talked a bit before he explained the reason for the dog. The trucker said things had definitely changed in the years since he began driving, that he no longer interacted with drivers who now were not the honest people he once knew. Apparently, there is/was a storage of drivers, and not all who now drive are the cream of the crop, so to speak. He did his own maintenance, and the dog was protection, which he said worked well. Sad when a truck driver feels he needs protection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fran View Post

    New Mexico
    New Jersey

    From various sources:

    The serial killer admitted to one of his victims he'd been doing this for 15 years. So he can have victims as early as 1975

    He's worked as a warehouseman, restaurant worker, long haul trucker,

    Some victims were shot with a 22 or 25 pistol

    He was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa
    His stepfather committed suicide after he was arrested for a sex crime against a child
    One of 5 children, one of his sisters committed suicide at age 12

    He was in the military, marines and dishonorably discharged and he wanted to be a policeman but was rejected.

    He was married 3 times.
    #1. 1970 in Oklahoma City
    #2. 1976 in Nebraska
    #3. 1984 in Houston

    What is the link to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlorik View Post
    Re-reading a link from the top of the Walker County Jane Doe thread - goes to Porchlight International. I would link but it says "not secure" so don't know what might happen and I'm scared it will mess something up on here - anyway...
    Is it not incredibly creepy that the truck driver that found WCJD was named James RHOADES????
    Might be a brother. Might be a coincidence. The surname Rhodes isn't uncommon.

    On the other hand, I seldom see the spelling "Rhoades".

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    Quote Originally Posted by :+:MrTT:+: View Post
    I was going to post about this man just now.
    And seen he had been listed on the 29th of March.
    Something about this man has excited me in the killing fields.

    The Texas Killing Fields was numerous serial killers killing independently - William Lewis Reece, Edward Harold Bell, Knoppa & Lanham, etc.

    In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Henry Lee Lucas (and possibly Ottis Toole) killed a couple.

    It's possible Rhoades murdered a few of the girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by :+:MrTT:+: View Post
    August 1976 in Sumter, South Carolina.

    Can we place him in South Carolina in 76?
    His weapon of choice.
    Looking for any information on him around that time.

    [ame="http://officialcoldcaseinvestigations.com/member.php?u=1553"]Cold Case Investigations[/ame]
    [ame="http://officialcoldcaseinvestigations.com/showthread.php?p=60109"]ROBERT BEN RHOADES - Page 2 - Cold Case Investigations[/ame]

    the following from the above link.
    I can place this monsters criminal past as far back as August 1974.
    Was my first thought..I have seen a few that I think are his victims. Especially Mt Vernon Jane Doe

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    Does anyone have his trucking logs? Are they public anywhere????????

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