Hurricanes that struck the Florida coast this year churned up more than sand along Daytona Beach. They also yielded gold rings of gold 40 years old.

Two people are richer for it, after their high school class rings from the 1960s were found by Lorrie Sprigg, a modern-day prospector using a metal detector.

Sprigg turned over Larry Mitchell's 1964 Clarkston High School ring, lost on spring break that year. "It was just a real big shock for me. That's 40 years. You just don't expect something to turn up," Mitchell said Tuesday.

On a separate outing, Sprigg found a 1963 ring from Christian County High School, which she traced to Kentucky and then to Beth Townsend.

Townsend said she wasn't even aware that her ring had been lost in Florida, where she also had been on spring break.