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Well, pilgrim, if I really wanted to be a smart-a**, I'd remind you that, by definition, conspiracies are SECRET. Much of the problem here was there was nothing SECRET about anything the DA was trying to pull.

But to be serious, I guess you're not aware of a few facts. First and foremost, the Ramseys had MONEY, and even most IDIs know that money has a very pronounced effect on the American justice system. To say that it didn't have an effect on this case is foolish AT BEST. I suppose the fact that Jason Midyette's grandfather owned half the Pearl Street Mall had nothing to do with the shambles Mary Lacy made out of THAT case, either, right? (SARCASM)

As for the rest of the rundown:

--JR was an executive for a subsidiary of Lockheed, one of the largest and most politically powerful defense firms in the country, if not the world. Aside from their political stroke, Lockheed was a major source of jobs and revenue for the area.

--The law firm for the Ramseys was Haddon, Foreman and Morgan, one of the heaviest of the heavy hitters out there. A law firm that controlled a good part of the state and had political connections in the Democratic Party up to and including then-President Clinton. Frankly, they DID have a lot of power--more than any unelected officials should EVER have. What party did Alex Hunter and Mary Lacy belong to again?

--Alex Hunter and Bill Wise were KNOWN associates of Hal Haddon, even being business partners with them.

--The Haddon law firm was caught performing dirty tricks against potential witnesses through their connections with other DA's offices. This was revealed in open court.

--Alex Hunter's political ideology made him an enemy of the police in Boulder, going all the way back to at least 1980. Read Kirk Long's letter about him sometime.

--There are numerous reports on how the state of Colorado is ROTTEN with political corruption, both in Democratic and Republican circles.

(Did I forget anything?)

Do you understand the nature of these facts? Are you honestly trying to say that NONE of this had any bearing on why this case was handled so badly? Is that what you are saying, Mr. Ambassador?

Excellent observations. A BDI and some kind of political fix or conspiracy seem more consistent than JDI or PDI.