Richard Matthews and Simon Dickens claimed victory this weekend in their 21-year quest to have a drink in every state in the union.

With a clink of their pint glasses and a sip of Trout River Rainbow Red Ale, the two college buddies completed a mission that has brought them from days of youth in the Washington area to the long, boring roads of North Dakota, to the beaches of Hawaii and eventually to the smallest state capital in the country, Montpelier.

Each time the friends have a drink in a state, they have colored that state orange on a map of the country, noting the year they visited as well. Late Saturday night, Matthews and Dickens walked into "World Famous" Charlie-O's tavern with a United States map entirely colored in orange, save for a tiny white spot in the Northeast corner of the country.

As Dickens colored in Vermont, and Matthews scripted "2004," the two friends reflected on the culmination of their 21-year journey.

"I am very excited," Matthews, a trial consultant from San Francisco said.

Dickens, a transactional lawyer in Tokyo, saw it as bittersweet.

"I'm a little worried about the anti-climax, and having nothing to talk about now," Dickens, 40, joked.

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