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    Woman who was World's Oldest Doctor dies at 114

    This is such an uplifting and inspirational story. What an amazing woman, makes the so called celebrities of today look like nobodies.
    This is the sort of woman we should be celebrating.
    The following is from the DM, link

    The world's oldest doctor, who retired when she was 103-years-old after 70 years of practicing medicine, has died.
    Dr Leila Denmark was 114 when she passed away at her home last Sunday in Athens, Georgia.
    Dr Denmark became the first resident physician at Henrietta Egleston Hospital for Children in Atlanta when it opened in 1928, said her grandson Steven Hutcherson.
    She also admitted the first patient at the hospital which was now part of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
    She loved helping children and it showed in the way she would turn to the next family waiting to see her, according to Mr Hutcherson.
    'She would say, ''Who is the next little angel?,"' he said.
    Dr Denmark began her pediatrics practice from home in Atlanta in 1931 and continued until her retirement in 2001 - 70 years later.
    It earned her the distinction of being the world's oldest practicing physician, said Robert Young, senior consultant for gerontology for Guinness World Records. She was also the world's fourth-oldest living person when she died.
    England's dancing days are done...

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    She was a wonderful human being- I know people in Atlanta that were her patients, and always wished I could have taken my DD to her. She used a lot of old fashioned remedies, like swabbing sore throats with Mercurochrome. She didn't think drinking milk was needed. And she said the best breakfast food was black eyed peas! Full of protein and fiber. A dear friends daughter suffered from horrible allergies and Dr. Denmark 'cured' her
    Here is a little more about her-

    RIP Dr. Denmark- the world sure could use more docs like you

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    Thank you for sharing the story of such an inspirational woman.

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