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    Quote Originally Posted by thepinkdragon View Post
    I see it differently. I see someone absolutely devastated who is trying not to break down in public. I guess I just feel differently about Jeremy and Deb than many here. The way they speak etc reminds me of myself and my husband. So in some ways I can see how things have spiraled out of control and could be taken out of context. I have my reasons for thinking this but I really don't want to go into my personal life too much. I don't know for sure if they are innocent or guilty, but I have my own ideas about it. I'm not thoroughly convinced either way.
    That is what I saw, as well. Jeremy is not a sophisticated guy; he is a Missouri guy who is quiet and laid back. He wants his daughter back; he has been vilified with a lack of concrete evidence to warrant that.

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    Truly very nice to see them talking to local media.

    Still praying for Baby Lisa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Ol Me View Post
    Thanks Deann for the post, and your story.

    Yes Jeremy looked uncomfortable, I can't blame him.
    To me it seemed he was trying to keep his composure.
    Either the link isn't working or the story has been pulled. I'm getting "unfortunately the story you requested isn't available."
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.--Albert Einstein

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    link works fine for me. try again


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    Quote Originally Posted by redheadedgal View Post
    Thanks, that link works.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.--Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacie Estes View Post
    Where was this reported? I missed that news report. TIA

    I think my post was mis-read ... lol ... I was taking a "wild guess" as to "why" Deb was not at the balloon release ...

    I re-posted my original post below.

    Quote Originally Posted by dog.gone.cute View Post
    Not DeAnn here and very sorry, I do not mean to butt in ... but taking a "wild guess" :

    Deb's attorney told her NOT to attend ... her defense attorneys do NOT want her talking to the media -- unless, of course, one of the 2 attorneys are present with Deb so they can CONTROL the responses to the questions on behalf of their clients ...

    JMO ... but I would bet the farm that Deb's defense attorneys did NOT want her there ... also, the media would have been "all over her" -- and -- probably some of the participants ...

    JMO ... but that's what defense attorneys do : "spin" ... "approve" and "control" questions for interviews ... state "mistruths" ...

    All JMO and MOO ...
    JMSSO = Just My Super Secret Opinion

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    Respectfully, I'd like to point out to those who may criticize how JI behaved on camera to remember Tori Stafford's mom. She was ripped to shreds - and had nothing to do with her daughter's death. There's not one true script to follow in situations like this. Everyone is different.
    “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

    In no way should any of my statements be construed as legal opinion or advice. While I am a lawyer, I am not a verified poster here at WS. The above statement(s) are an expression of my personal opinion, for entertainment purposes only, and copyright.

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    I just watched the video and have to say that this is the most animated that I have seen JI. He did look uncomfortable, but I doubt that he would feel comfortable in any interview. The reason that I think that he was a bit more animated than usual was because DB wasn't standing or sitting next to him digging her fingernails into his leg or hand.

    My observations:

    When asked if he was happy with investigators, well he didn't SAY anything negative, but his face and reaction said it all. He is not happy with investigators.

    I would hardly call his behavior as being "laid back". At least I HOPE he isn't laid back. That would be somewhat of a negative thing, I would think, for a father of a missing baby to be laid back.

    He said that he couldn't talk about it but "there are reasons for what we are doing". I can bet that there are definitely reasons. I think that the DT has finally figured out that sitting back and doing absolutely nothing is not helping their clients at all and looks much worse for them.

    Personally, if my child were missing, I would tell anyone who told me to sit back and do nothing to GO POUND SAND!!! Seriously! What a waste this DT is...
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