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    Very disappointing that the Utah press seems to have said, "Oh, okay," and gone away.

    Where are the lawsuits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacie Estes View Post
    West Valley denies Tribune records request in Powell case

    The West Valley City Council on Wednesday denied a Salt Lake Tribune records request to release documents related to the investigation of Josh Powell, a person of interest in the case of his wife, Susan Cox Powell, who disappeared Dec. 6, 2009.

    "The council decided to uphold the city manager’s decision not to release the records," Councilman Corey Rushton confirmed Wednesday.

    The council held a Tuesday night discussion on whether or not to release the records, he said. The council unanimously agreed on their decision to deny the request, Rushton said.

    Transparency in government...don't ya just love it.
    Can these folks look any worse?

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    What is the sunshine law in Utah? Is there one?


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    Washington State Child Fatality Review report confirms Utah did not share information with authorities in Washington that could have kept this children safe and possibly prevented these children's deaths. Bring on the law suits and open your check book Utah . . . you have a lot of explaining to do! Had Washington State had the sealed information that Utah LE was in posession of early on . . . the supervised visits in Josh's home may never have been possible. There would have been more emphasis on Josh's potential for DV against Susan and subsequent evaluations would have been made based upon those factors. The delay in sharing the sealed info with 8 people involved in the Washington CPS case directly placed these children at risk . . . as the children had been having supervised visits in Josh's home for quite some time and the Judge in Washington was reluctant to suspend or restrict those visits - given the children had come to anticipate them in their Father's home over several months without further proof of a safety risk. The original reason the children were placed out of the home in Washington was due to the risk that Steven and what was in Steven's home presented to the children. Since nothing was disclosed about Josh and the possible risk he presented to the children - Washington was in a difficult bind. Had Utah given up the info and evidence they had on Josh . . . these kids might well be alive today (IMO)

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    While I think Utah seems to have done absolutely nothing to protect the boys, Washington can't congratulate itself on having done much either. Everyone in the U.S. knew who Josh was, what he was suspected of, and that his wife was mysteriously missing. Had there been a single person in WA who gave two hoots, they could have publicly pressured Utah into giving them information. They sure were eager to do that public shaming of Utah once the boys were dead.

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