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    Calif. finds toxins in 'nontoxic' nail polishes


    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Some nail polishes commonly found in California salons and advertised as free of a so-called "toxic trio" of chemicals actually have high levels of agents linked to birth defects, state chemical regulators said Tuesday.

    A Department of Toxic Substances Control report determined that the mislabeled nail products have the potential to harm thousands of workers in more than 48,000 nail salons in California, and their customers.

    The use of the three chemicals in nail products is legal if properly labeled. But agency officials said the false claims may violate a state law that requires disclosure of harmful chemicals in consumer products. The state attorney general could decide whether the companies will face legal action, which can include fines and an order to attach warning labels.

    Investigators randomly chose 25 brands of polishes that are available only at nail salons, including a number of products claiming to be free of the chemicals toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde, which are known as the toxic trio. Regulators said exposure to large amounts of the chemicals has been linked to developmental problems, asthma and other illnesses.

    More at link...

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    Thanks for posting this. I LOVE nail polish, but I also sorta love life

    I have been using "Sinful Colors" that I get at Bartells for 2 bucks and are BIG 3 free. Love them.

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    Wow, women who are expecting really need to stay out of the nail salons! Have a loved one treat you at home and just pass on the color-- buff til shiny, your baby is worth it!

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    I was a manicurist for 15 years... this was always an issue. In my shop we had to post a sign with the warnings of formaldehyde and tulene... and I would be fined if it was not in clear view. I don't think that sign said anything about that 3rd chemical though.

    I actually worked up until I was about 7 months pregnant wearing a mask for the most part but not all the time. My son is 6 now and seams fine except he talks to much and occasionally trips over his feet. LOL

    They must not have done extensive testing on acrylic yet because that chemical seamed way more potent and that smell really lingered throughout the whole salon. I was always more afraid of that than the polish.

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