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    Quote Originally Posted by waltzingmatilda View Post

    Someone deposited 300.00 into GZ's jail acct. The balance was 18.16 earlier this morning.

    OT I wonder if NG will give America a daily rundown of the accused's expenditures this time around. As if it matters... LOLZ!



    I just thank GOD that I have no idea what it is to be locked up.
    but I had someone close to me once who was and I made sure they got every
    possible convenience that could be had.

    I wonder what this has to do with anything at all.
    They have to have certain pants that fit, it they do not want them at
    their knees, they have to have cheep sneakers if they don’t want to
    be a target, they cannot have razor blades to shave, and can get
    something in the canteen. (maybe eclectic shaver) I imagine that he
    needed a few things to make his stay there workable.
    I am baffled by people needing to know how many candy bars he eats,
    or how many books he got, etc......
    I never understood this even in the Anthony Saga.

    I find it to be begrudging. JMO
    Women are Angels.
    And when someone breaks our wings,
    we simply continue to fly... on a broomstick.

    We're flexible like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annalia View Post

    Would be very interesting to know exactly what he meant by that. That is a very bizarre thing to say. How can you be sold out by a prosecutor?

    Sometimes I want to scream when they don't ask followup and pointed questions in response to the things people like Taafe say.

    I was watching the live feed, and there was a hot mike and the reporters were discussing AC also, unawares their conversation was public, and they said the same thing. That AC took this job as a political gold mine, that she intends to run for higher public office and that this appointment of her was a gift from the governor to aid her in her political career.

    One of the reporters had worked with her before, and another reporter said well you worked with her, I guess you'd know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songline View Post
    And the one that tried to get into Franks house that was not cought.
    would make it 4.
    I see 50%
    Do you have an MSM link where the Sanford Police Dept confirms an incident at FT's house?

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    Ok... closing thread in one minute, please continue here...

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7785222#post7785222"]Thread #24[/ame]

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    Sorry, that is not how the events will

    be analyzed legally. GZ did not "just happen" to be walking in the same place. He was following him with a gun after concluding he was a criminal and calling 911 and making it clear that this a$%hole was not going to get away.

    It is NOT lawful to follow someone if your intent is to detain them or prevent them from "getting away" and that is obviously what the prosecutors office has concluded happened.

    Additionally, even if something is LEGAL you are reasonable for what you do and what you do, when it results in harm, will be evaluated under a "reasonable person" standard. It is clear to most of us that it is not reasonable to look at a person, conclude he is a criminal, call 911 and follow the person with a gun against the instructions of the person you have called for help and then confront the person on your own rather than waiting for LE. None of that is reasonable except perhaps for calling 911-to me, even that is on the stupid side but the law permits simple stupidity when it results in no harm which would have been the case here if GZ had done the rational thing and stopped with the 911 call.

    As for your attempt to once again blame the victim, you're not the first. People who want to support GZ are welcome to do so and to believe it must have been the black kid who provoked the local hero despite a lack of any evidence to prove it. All the available evidence points to a gunman who was determined to make sure this a#$hole didn't get away. That statement you allege he said was from account # 2 from the father who also described two encounters between GZ and TM which is completely unsupported by ANY evidence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixfla View Post
    What law did GZ break even if he did follow TM? Lets look at this up to the point someone put their hand on the other one. TM was walking home, GZ was following him. That not against the law. It is a public place and they BOTH had every right to be there. To me it ALL comes down to whom placed their hand on the other one.

    Not blaiming TM here, but he COULD have told GZ that he was just on his way home. And he CERTAINLY should have called 911. He did not have to say "You got a problem?" (If that is what happened). Where I'm from "You got a problem?" is a provocation.

    Three things cannot long be hidden the sun, the moon, and the truth. -Confucious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixfla View Post
    Because it takes two to escalate the conversation to the point where someone lays a hand on the other person. Both parties should have tried to diffuse the situation. Sorry if you dont agree, but I blame both parties for chest puffing and not backing down, based on the current evidence. Still I dont think a crime was committed until someone touched the other person.

    What current evidence would that be? GZ's father? Frank Taafe?

    According to Trayvon's girlfriend, the one person who did hear it, Trayvon said why are you following me, and it was GZ who said what are you doing here, then what sounded like a push and the phone went dead.

    Hardly sounds like chest puffing on Trayvon's part. Sounds like a reasonable question, so instead of GZ saying what are you doing here, why didn't he just say who he was, why didn't he identify hiomself? The supposed adult in the situation, the one with the gun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmaj View Post
    Blogs and Twitter links and discussion of them are allowed only if it's an approved WS link or a link from main stream media (MSM).

    The news story was allowed today because it was in MSM. Please reread the rules if you are not familiar with them.
    MSM media source reporting Martin's twitter handle of "No Limit Nigga".


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrienne37 View Post
    Wonder how many others with similar names on a Google search have actually murdered an innocent kid?

    The jury's reached a verdict already? Before he's even been arraigned? Amazing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aedrys View Post
    No, but it implies that he didn't care if he was offending anyone, and maybe even hoped he offended a certain race by using it. No one uses a nickname like that unless they are trying to be offensive.
    Or maybe his friends weren't offended by it, so he didn't see the issue? It's a word. It's not like there are pictures of him burning crosses in white robes. I personally feel that if he wanted to make a statement with the name, it would have been much more profane.

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