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    TX - Lucero Sarabia, 21, pregnant, San Antonio, 26 Nov 2004

    Pregnant woman, 21, has been missing since Friday

    Vincent T. Davis
    San Antonio Express-News
    Web Posted: 11/29/2004

    Juanita Sarabia last spoke to her 21-year-old daughter, Lucero, at 2 a.m. Friday.

    When she awakened later that morning, her daughter, who is eight months pregnant, hadn't arrived home.

    That's when panic struck Sarabia.

    This was the first time the daughter she calls "Princess" had been gone so long. She always called to check on her young sons, said Sarabia, 45.

    She has left 28 messages on her daughter's cell phone. So far they have gone unanswered.

    "That's why I know something's wrong," Sarabia said. "She wouldn't do this to me."

    Saturday she placed a missing person's report with the San Antonio Police Department.

    Sunday, Sarabia, family members and friends taped fliers written on with pink marker inside store windows along Callaghan and Ingram roads, where a witness said her daughter was last seen at about 6 a.m. Friday.

    Lucero "Princess" Sarabia, is 5-foot-1 and has light brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. She was wearing a brown leather jacket, pink sweater, blue jeans and brown boots.

    Sarabia said a nurse at an El Paso hospital gave her daughter her nickname. When she was pregnant she was sure she was going to give birth to a boy. When Sarabia asked to hold her son, the nurse told her "you have a precious little princess." The name stuck. The little girl wrote Princess on her school papers until teachers asked her mother to correct her.

    "She's still more well known by that name," Juanita Sarabia said as a male relative hugged her Sunday night before leaving to tape up more fliers.

    Sarabia said she's trying not to think about anything negative, but if something has happened, she doesn't want to wait to find out.

    The family planned this morning to scour creeks and streets in the area where she was last seen.

    Anyone with knowledge of Lucero Sarabia's whereabouts can call the San Antonio Police Missing Person's unit at (210) 207-7662.
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    21-Year-Old Pregnant Mother Missing
    Lucero Sarabia Missing Since Friday

    POSTED: 12:53 pm CST November 29, 2004

    SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio police questioned a man Monday in connection with the disappearance of a 21-year-old pregnant woman.

    Lucero Sarabia was supposed to have returned home Friday from a Thanksgiving Day party but she never made it home, her mother, Juanita Sarabia, said.

    Some people who attended the party at a home at Babcock Road and East Sunshine said a man offered Lucero Sarabia a ride home Friday morning but she decided to walk 1 miles home after the man stopped at the Kingswood Manor Apartments, where he lives.

    "I know that he knows more than he is telling me," Juanita Sarabia said. "Because it's four days, and my daughter wouldn't do this to her little boys."

    The man is one of several people police want to talk to. Police said a search of his apartment didn't yield any clues.

    In the meantime, while police searched Dumpsters for clues, family and friends walked the same path Monday that Lucero Sarabia is said to have walked.

    Juanita Sarabia said she won't rest until her daughter is found.

    "I'm so desperate to find out where she's at," she said. "I don't know what to do."

    Link with photo:

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    Police seek to question man in missing mom case

    Web Posted: 12/01/2004CST
    San Antonio Express-News

    Police are looking for a San Antonio man they want to question in connection with the disappearance of Lucero Sarabia, 21, who was last seen Nov. 26.

    Richard Chabes, 28, is not wanted on any warrants relating to the missing person case, police said, but he may have information regarding Sarabia's whereabouts.

    The police department's missing persons unit is asking anyone with information to call 207-7660.

    Sarabia, who is eight months pregnant, left her mother's home last Thursday night to attend a Thanksgiving party. She spoke with her mom on the phone at 2 a.m. Friday morning, and her family became alarmed when she had not returned home by sunrise. No one has seen her since.

    Sarabia is 5-foot-1 with light brown eyes and shoulder-length blond hair. She was wearing a brown leather jacket, pink sweater, blue jeans and brown boots.


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    That is so sad does anyone have any updated information on this?

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    The last I heard, was that the hostess of the party has lawyered up, and thus not talking. I think they are still searching for that man who moved out...
    It's not looking good at all...

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    Human remains found in Bexar County


    The article states...

    There are currently three high-profile cases of missing females from Bexar County.

    Marisol Hernandez, a mother of three, has been missing since Jan. 2004. Her Ford Mustang was discovered in a parking lot at Commerce Street and General McMullen. Her boyfriend was once considered a suspect but was later cleared by police.

    In May 2004, Rosa Sandoval, 12, disappeared following an argument with her sister. Police have followed up on hundreds of leads but there is still no sign of Sandoval.

    Authorities are also trying to find 21-year-old Lucero Sarabia, who failed to return home following a Thanksgiving party. Friends said a man at the party offered her a ride home, but he has never been located.

    Prayers for all three families, Lanie

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    Very sad. Any news?

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    Somber Anniversary for Family of Missing Woman

    LAST UPDATE: 11/24/2005

    On this Thanksgiving, a somber anniversary for one San Antonio family. Lucero Sarabia disappeared last year the night after Thanksgiving. She was 8 months pregnant. But her family hopes and prays for a safe return.

    "The holidays are going to come and go, but to me, it's just another day," says Lucero's mother, Juanita Sarabia. "Without my daughter, I don't have any special days, until I find out where my daughter is."

    It's been a year since Lucero Sarabia didn't come home from a Thanksgiving night party.

    Dozens helped in the search effort, but the 21 year old was never found.

    Her mother says her pregnant daughter called her that night and told her she was getting a ride with Richard Chabes, a man she had met at the party.

    "It didn't sound like she was in any danger," says Juanita. "I just told her that 'it's getting late, you need to come home.' That was the last time I spoke to her."

    Chabes says Lucero got out of her car that night to walk home. Days later, his neighbors saw him moving out of his apartment.

    "If he would have commited a serious crime, he wouldn't be taking his time. That's why I believe he has her or somebody knows where she is at," adds Juanita. "I have a lot of hopes and a lot of faith in God that I'm going to see my daughter again. Now, I don't know when, but I know that I am going to see her again."

    Chabes was never named a suspect in Lucero's disappearance, but police have said they are interested in talking to Chabes about what he may know.

    A vigil will be held for Lucero Friday night at 7pm at the Dairy Queen at Ingram and Callaghan.

    And if you know anything about this case, you are urged to call police


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    SAN ANTONIO - A mom here says she is not giving up hope that her missing daughter will come home one day - even though that daughter disappeared exactly four years ago.

    The family of Lucero Sarabia got together for a vigil Wednesday night on the west side. Sarabia was eight-months pregnant when she disappeared November 26th, 2004.

    Her mom says they're holding out hope that someone will come forward with some sort of information.

    "For four years, there hasn't been a clue," said Juanita Sarabia. "Nothing, not even a crank call. She just vanished without a trace."

    If you know anything about Lucero Sarabia, police want to hear from you.

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    up north

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    Hi there. I just had to post on this thread because this is one of maybe two missing persons' cases on the Charley Project where I feel like it hits close to home, since I'm very familiar with the area(s) discussed in the case files. This one is actually the one I'm most familiar with, since I've frequented numerous businesses in the area throughout the years and it was along one of the routes I used to take to get to college.

    I know where Babcock Rd. and E. Sunshine is. I used to attend art classes near that intersection. It used to be an absolutely stunning neighborhood -- one of the wealthiest in town -- but it began decaying some 25 years ago and is now considered a rather shabby neighborhood, though a few people in the neighborhood still keep their homes up. Across the street from the Kingwood Manor Apartments is my favorite Dairy Queen location in town, because the employees there are generally kind and it's the only truly (handicapped) accessible location I'm aware of in town. In back of the DQ is a strip mall that contains a beauty school that I used to go to for my haircuts and eyebrow shaping, until the ownership changed and it became impossible to find someone who understood English there. If you move further south on Callaghan, you'll actually reach the intersection of Callaghan and Ingram, where you can either go just a little further to access a Payless ShoeSource or La Fiesta (a cheap, Mexican-style grocery store) or turn right to access a Walgreens, Sonic, or McDonald's.

    The reason why I explain all of this is this: Richard Chabira claims that he dropped Lucero Sarabia off in front of his apartment complex at the Kingswood Manor Apartments sometime shortly after 6:00 AM (when they left the party), then she started walking south on Callaghan toward her home. Taking into consideration the distance between the party location (near Babcock and E. Sunshine) and the apartment complex, if one were to leave the party's locale at about 6:00 AM, one would expect to arrive at the apartment complex at about 6:15 AM (factoring in traffic lights). At 6:15 AM, the intersection of Callaghan and Ingram is starting to become active. There's a bus stop nearby and people will be there waiting for the first bus of the day at that time. Walgreens and La Fiesta employees will be arriving at work at that time. There will be people driving to Sonic or McDonald's for a pre-work breakfast, or driving northwest on Ingram toward Ingram Park Mall (a huge local indoor mall located approximately 2 1/2 miles away). The street lights will still be on and the intersection is extremely well lit.

    If Lucero Sarabia had indeed been walking toward the intersection, she would've been able to make it to the intersection by about 6:20, where there'll be more activity and more people waiting at the bus stop. You could've found at least half a dozen independent witnesses -- either employees coming to work or people waiting at the stop light(s) either on Callaghan or Ingram or the people who were waiting at the bus stop -- who could vouch for spotting Sarabia walking near the intersection and be very confident about seeing her there. The fact that none such witnesses exist speaks volumes and leads me to believe that Lucero Sarabia never left the Kingswood Manor Apartments. I feel very strongly that Richard Chabira had something to do with Lucero's disappearance, particularly since he uprooted himself just a few days after her disappearance.

    Sorry for rambling on about this. I just had so much information to impart and wanted to take you directly there at that site. I remember when the Dairy Queen I told you about plastered Lucero's missing persons' fliers on its doors and there were whispers around town that Richard did away with Lucero after Lucero rejected his advances. Mind you, that was a rumor, but it does strike me as suspicious that no one has come forward and said that they saw Lucero walking further down Callaghan when there were plenty of people who could've done so.

    (BTW, I could be wrong but didn't this take place on Black Friday? If so, that would've meant even MORE traffic on that intersection, what with the number of people making it out to the mall or grabbing a pre-shopping excursion breakfast, and it might've meant an early start to the work day at Walgreens.)

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    Today marks the 10 year mark that Lucero has been missing. Please help us by providing any information if you know anything about this case. LET's KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!!!
    LUCERO SARABIA REEVES was last seen on November 26, 2004 at 6:00 am at the Kingswood Apartments on Callaghan and Ingram in San Antonio, Texas.
    She was 21 and weighted165 pounds and was 5'1" with brown eyes and blonde hair.
    When last seen Lucero was wearing blue jeans, a pink sweater and a brown leather jacket. She also had on brown boots. Lucero was 8 months pregnant. She was last seen in the company of Richard Chabes. If you have any information, please call the police @ 210-207-7660 or Heidi Search Center @ 1-210-650-0428 or 1-800-547-4435.

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    Missing Woman's Family Hasn't Lost Hope After 11 Years


    Tonight, a mother is waiting for her daughter to come home 11 years after she disappeared.

    Police were on the case within days, but more than a decade later, Lucero is still missing.

    "It's been 11 years and no body, no leads, nothing at all. It's like she just vanished from this earth," said Trevino.

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    Family hasn't stopped looking for expectant mother missing since 2004


    It's been nearly 12 years since Lucero Sarabia disappeared. She has missed her sons growing up. She was about six weeks away from giving birth to her third child. She has missed holiday and birthday celebrations with her family.

    Her family has missed her every day.

    Sarabia's family holds a vigil on the anniversary of her disappearance. They have one planned for Nov. 26 -- a reminder of another year without their Princess.

    Her mother said the family has stayed in the same neighborhood where Sarabia lived. While she holds out hope her daughter will find her way home, she doesn't believe Sarabia left to start a new life without her family.

    "She couldn't start over without her kids, without us. She wouldn't put us through this. I know," Trevino said. "They just don't know the pain that they have inflicted on us by taking her like this."

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    By 2 a.m., Sarabia still had not made it home. This time, her mother called her. Sarabia had left the party but was at a new friend's apartment.

    "I said, 'You need to come home already because it's getting late.' That's when I heard her say, 'Can you take me home?' He said, 'Yeah, I'll take you home.' And she says, 'OK, mom, I'll be home in a little bit. And that was the last I heard from her."

    Candlelight vigil will be held tomorrow, in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen on Callaghan Road, across the street from the apartment complex where Sarabia was last seen

    What a really sad case . Tomorrow will be 12 years.
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