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    Quote Originally Posted by Nova View Post
    She is 15.

    She was 250 miles away.

    Cell phone calls get dropped everyday; it rarely means the other party has been a victim of a crime, much less murdered.

    Last I heard, she didn't hear the gun shot. She merely heard a brief exchange of two mildly confrontational questions along the lines of "What are you doing here?"

    Her boyfriend was two years older than she and over six feet tall.

    We don't know whether she had phone numbers for Trayvon's mother or father, or anybody else in his family.

    IIRC she called Trayvon back and got no answer. We don't know whether she tried any other way to reach him.

    But even assuming she did nothing but leave a message or text and wait for him to call back, it's ridiculous to inflate a 15-year-old's inaction into proof that her boyfriend was doing something suspicious.
    you write what I think. Thank you.
    Justice for Caylee

    "We have a different stage. We have the same actress," Sheaffer said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TorisMom003 View Post

    Is there a link that shows this part to be true? I have looked myself at past articles and haven't seen anything that says the parents have said this.

    I'm sorry. I'm just seeing this now. I read it here, I'm sure, and I don't think it was presented as opinion. I will go look for a link.

    eta: this link talks about "friends" and doesn't distinguish between friends and girlfriends. Not sure if there is a statement that is more specific, but I'll keep looking.


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    Quote Originally Posted by itsreenw View Post
    The "no snitching" code is for those involved in criminal activity or in a situation where there is a high possibility of retaliation if it's found out that you told the police something.

    That unwritten rule is pretty much squashed when it hits close to home. A person losing a loved one is expected to retaliate or want justice.

    Organized crime families such as the Mafia, street gangs, everybody in prison, and most street criminals of all ethnicities would probably abide by that.

    It's not just Black kids or teens as someone suggested upthread. And it would not apply in a situation where a loved one is hurt or dying and calling 911 would save them.
    You might be referring to my comment up-thread about black youths, the mob, and "various cultures" having some version of "no snitching" aka "ratting." If you thought I was limiting this to blacks only, that's not what I said.

    FYI... Not "everyone" sets aside "no snitch" and speaks with the authorities, making an exemption when a loved one has been harmed:

    >> Some go under cover and take matters into their own hands.

    >> Some are scared to death to speak up, even if it's their family member or loved one who has been harmed.

    Here's a report that says TM girl fell into the 2nd category:
    "Trayvon's girlfriend just wants justice, period. She was extremely fearful of the Sanford Police Department and was scared of retaliation for cooperating with the investigators.
    Read more:

    PS Did you see "The Departed," where the mother of the "industrial thief" refuses to talk to the cops about who may have killed her son? She looks over and sees Jack Nicholson's gangster character eying her from across the street. Clamming up in fear, the mom decides, "Well, he must have done something wrong!" and slams the door in the cops' faces.

    I'm sure Trayvon's girlfriend didn't really think he was dead. Beyond that, once you realize God-knows-what really did happen, you have to worry about flapping your gums these days.
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    I wanted to share with you all an incident that happened to my family and I this morning. This is in line with the discussion about why Tracy didn't know or realize that Trayvon was not home. I know we have discussed extensively with opinions back and forth about why Tracy didn't do anything once he realized that Trayvon came home that night. Well, what I'm about to share will hopefully help some understand the way it seems to be when you are dealing with a teenage son. My youngest daughter's ex-boyfriend's (whom I shall call John who is 16) mother called me about 1 p.m. this afternoon asking if I had seen or heard from John. My daughter came out of her room when she heard me on the phone and came out to tell me that John's mother had just contacted her right before calling the house. I asked her to tell me a little about what was going on so she said she had allowed John to stay in town last night until she got off from her job until about roughly 9 or 9:30 last night. She said when she got there to pick him up at Burger King, he wasn't there. She said she really didn't think anything of it because he could have ended up getting a ride home instead. She went home thinking that he would be home most anytime. She said she fell asleep and didn't realize until this morning that he had never come home last night and had never called. He didn't have his own cell phone and had to use the family cell phone so she proceeded to start going through all the numbers on the phone looking for anything she could find in hopes of tracking him down. She was concerned rightly so but she wasn't panicked. In fact, I was probably more upset than she was about it. Anyway, we just heard about an hour ago that John has made it home, he had decided to spend the night with his friend and hadn't even thought that his mom would be worried. Thankfully there was a happy ending to this story and yes, had he been my son, he'd be on restriction for the rest of his life. She told me a little while ago that she had been through that before with John's older brother and that was the reason she wasn't panicked. I told her it scared me to death, all I could think of was him missing, having to come to Websleuths to start a thread on him, and had convinced myself (especially after Trayvon's case) that the worst had happened. My daughter, on the other hand, couldn't understand why I was worried sick, she was really laid back about the whole situation and that it really wasn't a big deal. Sorry my story is rambling but I wanted to put it out there that it appears sometimes boys are just going to be boys.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TorisMom003 View Post
    So why didn't Zimmerman call 911 after shooting Trayvon? Why did he not attempt CPR? Why did it take a concerned neighbor asking Zimmerman at least twice if everything was ok before Zimmerman told them to just call 911?

    All of the talk about what the girlfriend didn't do, such as call 911 herself, when not much is being said about what Zimmerman didn't do after shooting Trayvon. Zimmerman was right there, used his gun, knew that Trayvon had been shot and still did not attempt to help him.

    I suppose that a 15/16 year old girl in another town miles away is supposed to act like a responsible adult and do the "right thing", however a 28 year old man is allowed to do nothing when he was the one that killed a person.

    He claims to have killed this person in self-defense. He clearly also knew people were calling 911 and he asked people to call 911.
    Just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsCharlieChan View Post
    "They" would be black inner-city youths.

    But I believe it's a "street code of silence" that mimics the mob culture. The mob hates what they call a "rat" -- as in "ratting" on someone.

    Telling the authorities is a no-no and can put you and your family in danger in different cultures.
    In addition to the cultural stigma of being a "rat" (common to many groups, but particularly minorities and not just African Americans, BTW), there is the danger of simply being noticed by members of LE who regularly frame African Americans. The Rampart scandal in Los Angeles showed the danger of black people "becoming known" to white copes.

    Better to stay off the radar by not volunteering info. It's unfortunate, but there are historical reasons for this attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joypath View Post

    Now I use the above "head-banger" icon for a reason...GZ was a VERY busy man in the hours after his severe PTSD and "close to diapers & spoonfeeding" incident, as the shooting death of Trayvon has been described by folks SPEAKING FOR George. IIRC, he's released from the police station and ventures homeward, then SOMETIME during business hours (see article above) he chats with boss.
    AND it has been claimed that he ALSO received medical attention (no link, RZ & RZ,Jr.'s comments discussed ad nauseaum) SOMETIME during the SAME 24 hour period. JMO, but if he were at a large municipal ER/ED, COUNT on an extended wait "for service" UNLESS he used "red-flag" terminology (nope, I will NOT comment!).
    AND he & the Mrs. packed up & "Zimmerman and his wife moved out of the townhouse they rented in the Twin Lakes complex almost immediately, Oliver said" (see link in Tori's comment).

    Sorry folks but IMHO as SOMEONE who HAS BEEN diagnosed & treated professionally for injuries that occurred in the manner (got "decked" by a family member who didn't like my courtroom testimony in a child abuse/homicide case!) as described by GZ, ability to carry off all of those behaviors above isn't present WITHOUT some wicked bad nausea, headache(s)!, sensitivity to motion (like moving one's head!) & light, vomiting from the swallowed blood, "wooziness" and some fantastic "air walking" from the pain meds!
    OH YEAH, as an afterthought..........the responding EMT/paramedics DID NOT "clean & polish or iron" my damaged/bloody/soiled crisp white blouse & business suit~getting pummeled on cement isn't good for clothing fibers, pantyhose or leather heels, either!
    AGAIN, stated as my humble opinion (IMHO) & experience (JME), no link 'cause the perp pled guilty to a misdemeanor.

    SO....GZ's "team" should have/better have/ought to have some hardcore, hardcopy documents to bolster his story....and I do not want to see a "doctored" x-ray/MRI/CATor PETscan nor "modified" HCP chart notes.
    joypath be back.

    yup, he'd better have some medical records, and joypath will demand they be doc-dumped in her lappie.
    I know where you post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cher352 View Post
    I don't think discussing the GF's actions concerning the phone calls is bashing her at all. I think everything concerning that call will be very big part of the case when it goes to trial.

    Who, what and when she told others about call could play into reasonable doubt. Just because the call matchs up with the time line doesn't prove what was being discussed.

    Not that I think she is lying but I could see a defense questioning it. I also think a reasonable jury member is going to want to be assured that what she said was on that call was the truth and not what someone suggested she say after details of the incident became public.

    So hopefully she told someone early on the details of the call before all the media hype started.
    There's discussing it (relevant, I agree) and then there are the repeated assertions that everything the girlfriend did was suspicious. And not just suspicious to her, but to TM as well.

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    Does anyone still have that AT&T record of the phone call that also includes one from March 2nd. I saw it here a little while ago and now I can't find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curl_in_progress View Post
    For those judging this 16 year old girl and her actions after Trayvon's murder, I want to share a personal story.

    I was dating someone a few years ago and one night he called me and told me that he had just killed his ex gf. We spoke for a few minutes and then he ended the call. I was in so much shock that I sat home alone for HOURS in silence. I had no idea what to do. It wasn't until I saw on the news later in the afternoon that he had ultimately killed himself that I managed to call my sister. I could have called the police after my phone call with him ended and I did not. I literally did not know what to do. Maybe if I had called the police they could have found him before he killed himself? I didn't know he was going to kill himself.

    I was 29 years old at the time. An adult. I take great offense to those judging this 16 year olds actions when we don't know what she did or did not do after that phone call dropped.

    I am so sorry he put you in that position. I hope you'll consider that his calling you was one more malicious act on his part, and forgive yourself for not knowing what to do.

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    [quote=mercuriod;7789258]As for her name the only thing that has been released the name Dee-Dee, as for a photo, yes one has been released of her and Trayvon it is photo # 2 in this series :

    Thanks, I had no idea there was a photo of her out there. I wonder why. I though they were protecting her identity. I thought that was a very good idea. Also, this says she is 17. Is that true? I thought she was younger.
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    Attorney: Zimmerman "stressed" about charges in Trayvon Martin case



    "I think he's stressed. He's certainly nervous," O'Mara said of Zimmerman. "He is frustrated he was charged at all."

    On Thursday, a Seminole County judge found probable cause to move forward with the case and set a May 29 arraignment.

    Also Friday, the judge assigned to the case, Jessica Recksiedler, said she would entertain motions to disqualify herself from the trial after discovering that her husband works with Mark NeJame, an attorney whom Zimmerman approached about representing him and has since widely commented on the case in the media. NeJame also is a CNN contributor.

    O'Mara said the association might become "more and more problematic" given the intense scrutiny the case is receiving.

    Recksiedler said she would prefer any such request be filed before Zimmerman's bond hearing.

    A member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, meanwhile, said Friday that he will ask the agency to investigate state "stand your ground" laws, such as Florida's, that allow people to use deadly force if they feel a reasonable threat of death or serious injury.

    "The Trayvon Martin case has raised serious and disturbing questions over whether these statutes allow an unacceptable component of racial bias into our justice system," Commissioner Michael Yaki said. "Allegations that shooters like George Zimmerman may have 'profiled' their victims based on their race and that 'stand your ground laws' improperly protect race-motivated killings needs review."

    More at link...

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    I have posted a thorough review of the allegation that the girl waited 3 weeks to make any report. See the post above.

    The Moderators have given much leeway to discuss this allegation. At this point it is time to move on because the MSM facts, do not back up the allegation.

    We are asking that you treat this child as a victim, not make wild accusations about her or her motivations unless you can back it up. You can question the truth in what she is saying and you can discuss how it may look or be challenged in court. But the personal characterizations and discussions about this minor are not allowed. She is a victim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjenny View Post
    He claims to have killed this person in self-defense. He clearly also knew people were calling 911 and he asked people to call 911.
    So killing a person in self defense (if that is what really happened) means that you do not have to do anything at all to help the person that you just shot? I also do not believe that he clearly knew people were calling 911 already. The person he finally asked to call 911 had to speak to him at least twice before getting a reply.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ladonna View Post
    Does anyone still have that AT&T record of the phone call that also includes one from March 2nd. I saw it here a little while ago and now I can't find it.
    I think that your talking about the photo of the T-Mobile bill.


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