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    CO - Carjacked tyke knocks on woman's door at 2 a.m.


    "Help me, I'm cold," the toddler told Traci Gilbert, who answered the door.

    She said she heard her doorbell ring about 2:15 a.m. Sunday and got up to check. Gilbert looked through the peephole and didn't see anyone, so she opened her door. Outside, she found the 3-year-old covered in snow and sleet, wearing nighttime diapers and a thin jacket.
    I'm not sure who would open the door at 2am after seeing nobody through the peephole!!! Thank God she did!

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    What a good thing she opened the door!
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    Wow! Three year olds are an amazing force of nature, imo. Quite adept and willing to stretch to the limits... what a brave little soul.

    And thank goodness the thief selected a place where he'd be tended-- it makes me wonder if the carjacker knew the people that lived there and trusted they'd take care of him.

    Also, I bet that three year old was a pretty good witness about the driver that took off with him.

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    Wow! What a brave, resourceful little man!

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    Wow. Thank heaven she answered the door- I know I probably would be too scared to have done the same! I've also had people pull up next to me while I was buckling the kids back in their seats and have stood outside the vehicle to talk to them. How lucky they all are that this story turned out the way it did.

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