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    Man Faces Charges For Allegedly Doing Laundry In Yard Naked

    Man Faces Charges For Allegedly Doing Laundry In Yard Naked

    Ronald Tumid-Ah-Ski Has Been Charged With Indecent Exposure

    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. -- Friday morning, a local man faces indecent exposure charges.

    Neighbors said they have complained for years while the man allegedly walked around his house naked.

    But, police couldn't do anything.

    That is, until he allegedly walked outside that way.

    For the first time in about seven years, the blinds on the home across the street from Becky Baltich's are now closed.

    Baltich said, "He closed his blinds after we filed the complaint."

    Baltich said, for years, her neighbor Ronald Tumid-Ah-Ski, 58, of Sersen Avenue in Fallowfield Township, Washington County, has been walking around inside his home in the nude for all to see.

    "When it was hot outside, we just thought it was hot, cool off, no air conditioning," said Baltich, "But it became more frequent after he retired."

    More frequently and allegedly no longer just inside his home.....


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