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So the doctors agreed to allow Stevens to donate her left kidney to someone else in the transplant group so that Brucia could move up the waiting list and get her organ from someone else.

is this even legal? what about ethical from a medical standpoint? seems like pure barter to me... i think these transplant doctors need to be investigated...

and i agree, there has to be more to this story...
Living donation itself is a bit of an ethical quagmire in many ways. The reason that the medical community in Canada and the States have taken on donations such as unrelated donors, donor chains and exchanges is because thousands of people die waiting on these lists.

Until a few years ago, if you wanted to donate to your sister (for example) and you were found not to be a match, the process would stop there. Your sister would continue on dialysis until a match turned up or she would die - and dying is more likely.

So you're a willing, healthy donor who wants to save your sister and they've found that you match another recipient. You might want to save the other person, but wouldn't you want your sister to somehow be saved as well?

The truth is that yes, someone on the list that has less time than your sister might die as a result of your sister moving ahead of them based on the donation.

The other scenario is that you deny the donation, and both your sister and the patient who is more ill die waiting on the transplant list.