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    Mother of 9 year-old seeks restraining order against bully

    I wonder exactly what it would take for school administrators to finally expel this boy?

    Kentucky mother of 9-year-old girl seeks restraining order against an alleged classroom bully

    By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 4:16 PM

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Kentucky mother who claims her 9-year-old daughter has been bullied for two school years is seeking a restraining order against a fourth-grade boy she accused of tormenting her daughter, kicking her in the chest and chasing her with scissors.
    Joy Furman, the girl’s mother, wants the boy to stay at least 500 feet away from her daughter. The children are classmates at Stephen Foster Traditional Academy in Louisville.

    The bullying began last year when the children were third graders and has continued as they shared the same classroom as fourth graders, Ted Gordon, the woman’s attorney, said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

    More at link:


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    Who are the idiots who put them in the same 4th grade class after the kicking incident and having to move them to separate classes in 3rd grade?

    Some people are so freaking dumb. Why do so many of them go into education?

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    so ... if they're in the same classroom, does that force the boy's parents to take him out of that school?

    if so, this might be a viable solution for parents of bullied kids - it forces the bully's parents to actually take some action to address the situation

    interesting ... this is the first time I've heard of this

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    Man...I wish I had thought of that, back when my oldest was in 7th grade, we ended up moving her to a private school for a year, till the boy that bullied her got into enough trouble that he was moved into an "alternate" school.
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