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    IN - Bradley English, 27, killed in hit & run, Indianapolis, 26 Oct 2004

    Joy English was driving to a store on Thanksgiving eve to buy Christmas flowers for her son's grave when, she said, she had an urgent prompting from God. She said she was guided to turn into the Friendly Village mobile home park off County Line Road, west of Ind. 135 in Johnson County, where she eventually stopped by a white van.

    She thought it might be connected to her son's hit-and-run death.

    On Tuesday, a call from Marion County Sheriff's Sgt. Doug Heustis confirmed her hunch.

    Israel Cardenas, 19, Greenwood, was arrested Tuesday by Heustis on a preliminary charge of failure to stop after an accident causing death and driving while his license was suspended. He was being held Wednesday afternoon in the Marion County Jail on $15,000 bail.

    Bradley English, 27, was fatally injured about 7 p.m. Oct. 26 when a hit-and-run driver struck him as he pedaled his bicycle along Shelby Street, south of Stop 11 Road in Indianapolis.

    Witnesses said the vehicle was a white van, sport utility vehicle or truck. Later, investigators learned from debris collected at the scene that the vehicle was a late 1980s or early 1990s model Dodge van or truck.

    Cardenas' van is a 1993 Dodge.

    Marion County Sheriff's Capt. Phil Burton said Heustis compared pieces of crash debris to Cardenas' van. "They fit like a puzzle," Burton said. He credited the arrest to mother's intuition.

    Police said the van was not visible from the road.

    Joy English said the entire experience was divinely guided.

    "I had no control over my own car," she said. "It just makes me know that God is truly with us in our mourning, sorrow and trials, and this is proof he is truly with you. There is a God, and he does exist."

    English and her husband, Mark English, live in the Auburn Trace subdivision in White River Township, three miles south of Friendly Village.

    On the afternoon of Nov. 24, she decided to drive to Hobby Lobby Creative Centers, 8040 S. U.S. 31, Indianapolis.

    "I went the long way, up Peterman Road, and as I was driving I had this urgent prompting to pull over -- pull over now!" Joy English said.

    She said she was thinking of her son and crying as she listened to Christmas music, and a voice said to her over and over: "Only a mother's love." She stopped crying.

    "I turned off the radio, and the next thing I saw was the van, and I wrote down the license plate number," she said. "I couldn't see the front of it to see if there was any damage."

    She said her cell phone rang, and it was her sister, Jeri Hanford.

    "I told her where I was and that I didn't know why I was there," English said.

    Hanford drove to her sister.

    "She (Hanford) knocked on the door of the trailer where the white van was parked and asked for someone just so she could see the front of the van. It had damage," English said.

    English telephoned Heustis and gave him the information.

    "I told my husband that I don't want to sound like a cuckoo, but that it was such an urgent prompting that I almost had to make a U-turn to get into that park. I never felt more amazed."

    English said that as horrible as her son's death was, finding the van was amazing.


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    Talking hey Casshew!

    "She (Hanford) knocked on the door of the trailer where the white van was parked and asked for someone just so she could see the front of the van. It had damage," English said.

    Is she frickin' crazy?!!!! OMG. She's lucky she didn't get shot! jeeeeze ...just write the number down, call the police, but get the he11 outta there! What was she thinking? There's a hit & run driver inside who will be sooooo cooperative and let her borrow his camera?

    gimme a break

    I DO like the story, tho.

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    Very touching story.

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