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    Tabs changing

    Periodically, over the last month, but now nearly daily, my tabs I have open change.

    I (notoriously) have tons of tabs open on various cases I'm following, with others open then for researching, reading articles, and then my misc. non-WS life.

    Anyway, on two different computers I've had tabs open (always Missing cases or a few recently Located ones) and then all of the sudden my tabs will change to something else when I close out FF. Like I said, that's never happened until about a month ago, and now it's happening regularly, often multiple times a day. I get everything reset where I had them on WS, and then a few hours later when I need to reboot FF, they're all something else.

    For awhile they'd ALL change to one case (not even one I was following). Then they started changing to some odd Missing forum (not the normal discussion one) that I'd never been in prior.

    And the last two days now they've been changing into the "Missing! Timeline" area - another place I'd never been.

    So it's very odd...

    And I'm actually very tech-savvy and do a lot of computer stuff in my "other" life, and this has me perplexed. It's ONLY WS, and it's ONLY been this last month, but getting worse to where now I'm almost giving up following cases because I'll have 10-12 open, and if it's not even happening like once a day, but now several times a day...well...I spend a lot of time trying to get back to places that I just feel like it lost time.

    Thoughts? Anyone else having this problem? Any possible fixes?

    Thanks much!

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    That is the strangest thing I've heard of!

    We did a system maintenance last night. Let us know if it happens again. Maybe our maintenance cleared it up.

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    This has happened with my computer, too. The first two instances occurred over the past couple of weeks. I often have 15-20 tabs open at one time, so I brushed it off thinking I must've clicked on a forum by mistake without realizing it. It happened for a third time today.

    This morning I had only 3-4 tabs open when I closed Firefox. When I restarted the browser this evening, about a dozen tabs opened. Most were pages here on WS and elsewhere that I had viewed recently, but two were WS forums that I rarely, if ever, read. One was Alcala and the Unidentified. I do read there, but it's been at least several weeks since I did. The other was the Jon Benet sub-forum "Rebuttal to Discovery ID Show". I don't recall ever going to that area of the JBR forum. I wonder if it's a bug in the latest version of Firefox.

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