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    Thumbs down Somer Thompson Killer Gets Secret Protection in Prison


    "Jarred Harrell is getting the ultimate protection from Florida's prison system.

    Harrell was recently sentenced to six life sentences for murdering, sexually assaulting and kidnapping Somer Thompson.

    Now, due to the nature of his crime, Florida's Department of Corrections has put Harrell in protective custody and won't release the prison location where he's serving his time.

    "He's being kept at an undisclosed location for protective needs," said Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jo Ellyn Rackleff."

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    They ought to dedicate a wing in one prison to hold all of these special protected prisoners and let them have at each other.
    It seems ridiculous to lock down a whole prison to cater to each one of these predators so they can have their playtime in the yard or the shower.
    The tax money to pay for guards, special accommodations, etc could well be spent somewhere else.

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    This is sad but IMO somewhat expected. Very high profile case.

    As long as he's never a free man again I don't care what prison he's in.

    He's a monster!!!

    I hope everyday is miserable for him.

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    Scum like Jared Harrell are bottom of the bottom in prison.

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