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    SC - Todd Massie, 23, Myrtle Beach, 16 June 1992




    I didn't see Todd on the rule out list. Geography seems decent, could have gotten the tattoos after he went off the grid. It says he's blonde, but he looks darker than that in the picture. He is a little old, but not ridiculously so.

    (Forgive me, I'm new to this, hope I did it right.)
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    Hello, welcome to WS! : )

    After reading the case summary for Todd, I would say no. Todd's car was found in the woods shortly after his dissapearance. This usually indicates a suicide, death by exposure or in this case, I think robbery.

    After Todd drove up to the drive thru ATM, I think he was abducted by gunpoint and robbed. I think that's why the license plates were removed and the car driven five hours away.

    Also, no activity on his social insurance card since time of dissapearance wich is a couple of years. I just don't see Todd to have done all of this and traveled for three years watching the Grateful Dead, but that's my opinion...

    Also, Todd had a five inch surgical scar on his abdomen. I don't know what shape Jason was in but if it wasn't too bad, I think it would be on his NAMUS profile.

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