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    Lilly the Pit Bull Saves Her Owner, Injured


    A pit bull named Lilly is being hailed a hero after she pulled her unconscious owner from the path of a freight train last week.

    An engineer of a westward-bound freight train saw a dog pulling a woman away from the tracks in the early hours of May 3 in Shirley. The engineer tried to stop, but couldn't avoid hitting the 8-year-old dog.

    Read more: http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news...#ixzz1uQKitIyz
    Lilly suffered a sliced right foot, multiple pelvic fractures and internal injuries.

    The owner collapsed on the tracks on her way home from a friend's house. Lilly was bought for the lady three years earlier, the son states the compainionship helped his mother with her drinking problem.

    They are asking for donations to help Lilly.

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    What a great dog! I hope she's able to recover and live a long happy life. I also hope it's an eye opener for her owner. She needs to stop drinking!!!! Part of me hopes the dog recovers and is given to someone more deserving.

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    Lilly I wish you well quickly - you are worthy of a long life of love and luxury.

    Truly the best friend anyone could have.

    There are plenty of good reason this breed of dog was once considered a "Nanny":

    100 Vintage Pictures Of When Pit Bulls Were Americaís ďNannyĒ Dog

    Some human's can even screw up the lords prayer, given the opportunity.

    Bless you Lilly.

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    Lilly must really have been strong. My dog is half pit bull and he is very strong, and protective. It's nice to know they were once bred to be nannies, and I can see that. I hope Lilly recovers and does well. What a hero, even though it never should have happened.

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    Rob Halpin, a spokesman with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said yesterday that Lilly's veterinarian bills will come to about $15,000, but the MSPCA and its animal shelter in Boston have already received nearly $40,000 to put toward her treatment.

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    For Lilly!

    Longtallcool, thank you for posting about Lilly's heroic act! What a wonderful dog!

    I hope Lilly heals well and that her owner loves her enough to stop drinking and
    endangering her life and Lilly's.

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    The dog has $15,000 in vet bills (paid for by donations, of course). The dog was hit by a train and will likely never be right after this because the owner put her in harms way. This dog will likely be in pain for the rest of her life and suffer from early arthritis, who is going to pay for and administer the pain meds and see to it she doesn't suffer? Not the owner!

    This story isn't "good news" it is just plain sad.

    This story reminds me of a similar "vet bills paid by donations" case locally. A woman comes home to find her house was broken into, she fretts and calls the police and then eventually looks for her puppy. The puppy was burned all over his body by a cigarette lighter and had to be rushed to a clinic by animal control (she couldn't even be bothered to drive the puppy, or have someone drive her to the vet, she let animal control handle it).

    Puppy nearly dies and racks up $2000 in vet bills. Donations COVER the vet bills and the dog is given back to the woman, she picks hte puppy up from the vet after 3 weeks of hospitalization and promptly throws the dog back in the yard to rot alone for the rest of his life. Disgusting. She never could have gotten the dog back if people didn't pay HER vet bills. In cases like this the donations aren't for the dog, they are for the owner, if the owner can't pay they lose ownership and then a rescue can cover the bills and rehome the dog.
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    Point made Sonya!

    I've always felt there should be examinations given for parenthood and pet ownership.

    Just like a driver's exam and if you don't pass with flying colors - you haven't earned your right!

    Sorry but it's exactly how i have felt as long as I've been reading the news.

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