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    Robber leaves his homework at scene.


    Police say investigators were led to an assault and burglary suspect after he left some of his homework behind at the scene of the crime.

    According to police, officers responded to 977 South 50 East early morning on Saturday.

    Investigators met with the 75-year-old victim and his wife, who reported that he was awakened at around 4:00 a.m. by a light that was on in his office.

    When he got up to check on it, Police say the victim found a man rifling through his desk, and that the suspect punched him in the face and ran away on foot.

    Police say the suspect entered the home through an unlocked window, and that investigators found an abandoned back pack in the victim's back yard.

    Inside the back pack, police say they found a USB drive with homework on it, identified as belonging to 18-year-old Dallas Naljahih.

    Police say officers went to Dallasí house and found him asleep on the couch, along with evidence that connected him to the burglary.

    Naljahih was arrested and booked in for suspicion of Burglary, Theft, Assault, and drug possession.

    Police say the victim didnít require medical treatment and had only a few bumps and bruises.
    The "Homework Bandit".

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    On the bright side, "I forgot my homework at the crime scene" is a new excuse to replace the boring old "the dog ate my homework".

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