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    Fake Wichita robbery may be "Urban Skittles" game

    A new one on me.

    Fake robbery may have been Urban Skittles ‘game’ (kansas.com)
    A group of teenagers who participated in what appeared to be a fake robbery at a northeast Wichita Subway restaurant this week were apparently playing a dangerous “game” called Urban Skittles, the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

    Wichita police said the incident occurred Monday morning when a young man walked into the restaurant in the 3200 block of North Rock Road, put his hand in his pocket and ordered everyone to the floor. The man and two people with him left without taking any money.
    A statement from the District Attorney’s Office said the game originated in England and is played by a youth or group of youths who run into a random business and order everyone to the floor as if they are committing a robbery. The youths then count the number of people on the floor before leaving.

    Under Kansas law, the statement said, those participating in such behavior can be charged with a felony. There was no word on whether the youths involved in the incident on Monday will be charged.
    Fake Wichita robbery may have been Urban Skittles ‘game’ (kansas city.com)

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    LOL at least they didn't rob them. I guess it is a modern day form of cow tipping; easier on the cows.

    This generation will be known as the Skittles Generation for so many reasons.

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    There was a tv series here in the uk (which i won't name as it might break the rules) that had a guy in it who did this as a *dare/game*. If you search urban skittles on youtube it comes up there. I won't do anyone the indignity of linking it here as it really is just trashy tv. if you want to see it you can search for it there.

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    This isn't going to be funny anymore when someone pulls out a gun and shoots one of these kids cause they think they really do have a gun. I hope charges come soon and severe to send a message loud and clear that this isn't a game before somebody gets hurts or worse.
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