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    Will Smith Slaps Reporter Who Tries To Kiss Him

    Will Smith is probably wishing for a real-life mind eraser after a reporter tried to kiss him Friday at the "Men in Black 3" premier in Moscow.


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    It says kissing on the mouth is this reporter's "signature gimmick"-- well, I think his gimmick got Will Smith's signature! I don't blame him, and it was only a warning smack, imo, certainly not what I envision a slap to be.

    Love Will S., btw. He's cool.

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    With a gimmick like that, maybe it's been his lifelong dream to be slapped by various celebrities.

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    Dude is lucky that Will didn't knee him. We just watched a Will Smith movie last night, bought the video from Amazon. The movie is 7 Pounds and is fantastic, Will is so good in this film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacie Estes View Post
    Dude is lucky that Will didn't knee him. We just watched a Will Smith movie last night, bought the video from Amazon. The movie is 7 Pounds and is fantastic, Will is so good in this film.
    Omg we loved that movie. He was amazing!!
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    I saw the guy kiss him on both cheeks. I didn't see him kiss him or even try to kiss him on the mouth. Kissing on both cheeks is common in Europe between women and a man and a woman or boys and older male and female relatives, so two grown men don't generally greet each other that way, but it did not look like a kiss on the mouth at all or even a try.

    Looks like this guy is a bit of a comedian type:[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_6Kq2JrRr8"]Vitalii Sediuk for Morning Show - YouTube[/ame]


    Sometimes I think celebrities just take themselves too seriously: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xszI25ap6Kk"]CNN - MADONNA's hydrangea made BREAKING news! - YouTube[/ame]
    (same guy)
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    Reporters should know to keep a professional difference. He's lucky Will didn't break his nose!

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    From the video that I just saw, it doesn't look like Will slapped him... just pushed him away.

    ETA: ok, I just saw the whole video... he does do a backhand face tap after pushing the reporter away.
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    IMO the guy was definitely trying to kiss him on the mouth and he had no right to touch him in that manner. I don't blame Smith for being ticked off. Yuck.
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