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    Boston allows parking violators to pay tickets with toys for needy kids

    For a limited time, the city of Boston is accepting a new form of payment for parking tickets: Cabbage Patch Kids, Morphibians, even Mega Blocks. To help boost donations to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign, city officials are allowing motorists to pay their fines with toys equal in value to the amount owed. Offenders must produce a sales receipt. Marcia Harris showed up at City Hall on Wednesday with stuffed animals, a yo-yo and other toys to pay off her $36 violation for an expired meter.

    She said she was initially irritated to get a ticket just "20 seconds" after her meter ran out. The meter maid handed her a piece of paper informing her of the offer.

    "I thought the paper would say I could go protest at City Hall," Harris said. "This was much better. I would spend two-for-one. I think this is such a great idea."


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    I hope there are millions of copycats all over the place!!

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    Nice idea.

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