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    NM - William, 84, & Pearl Clark, 74, Sharron Hutson, 44, Catron County, March 1997

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    Such an odd way to always go to the door. Interesting they state he was killed with his own .357 . Does that mean they ran test from casings known to be fired from that weapon? If they havent how would they know for sure it wasnt another gun and his taken ?

    William Clark, 84, killed with wife Pearl Clark, 74, were slain in 1997 along with daughter Sharron Hutson, 44.

    J C and his wife, E, 42, now live in the remote trailer home where the elderly couple was murdered.

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    William and Pearl Clark and Sharron K Hutson

    There were 7 unsolved murders in that county over a the yrs before they were killed, the last being only 6 months before they were killed. They lived pretty much in the mountains. Their "driveway" being about 12 miles long that branches out in different directions. With that being said, the only people who would show up there would be complete strangers by mistake or someone you know. Sharon lived about a mile from them on one of the " branch" roads.

    The "investigation" if that's what you want to call it was a joke. They released the crime scene to the family to clean up before they got all their evidence collected. I'm not sure if they Ever found any other bullets to compare that to. I know there are a lot of stories about who may have done this. I hope it's solved!!

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