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    WA - Bundy attorney: 'He told me he killed more than 100 people, and not only women'

    Former defense attorney claims serial killer Ted Bundy confessed
    to 'murdering more than 100 people and his first victim was a MAN'
    (Daily Mail)
    The one-time attorney of the notorious murderer Ted Bundy has penned a memoir detailing the disturbing conversations he had with the killer before he was executed in 1989.

    Seattle attorney John Henry Browne represented Bundy in the 1970s, a time when he had unparallelled access to one of the darkest minds of the 20th century.
    At the height of his murder spree, female college students disappeared at a rate of one per month.

    But in a shocking claim, Mr Browne said that Bundy told him his first victim was a man. 'Thatís never been known,' Mr Browne said to Fox.

    The attorney said he found it very difficult to return to the Bundy case, as his conversations with the brutal rapist and murderer haunted him.

    'Itís too creepy,' he said. 'I didnít want to visit those dark places again.'
    more, with many pictures, at DM link above

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    I have no doubts that monster killed a large number of victims. Wonder how Ted is liking it down in HELL?

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    I'm wondering about Teddy Boy's claim he killed men. I think he was cowardly enough that the situation would have had to be extremely in his favor before he killed another man. Because he would rightly feel he would get his ass kicked in a fair fight.

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    A Ted Bundy survivor is on Dr phil today. Very frightening, sick story about what he did to her before she escaped. She never came forward before for some reason. I believe her though. They probably polygraphed her already too.

    If her story is true it is a nightmare. He was literally torturing his victims, bringing them to the brink of death, over and over for his own enjoyment.
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    100 victims is such a high number, if he was active between 1974 and 1978 he would have had to have killed at least 25 people per year -- which I have no trouble believing he was capable of doing. Bob Keppel believes it's 100 or more and I think his word is gold.

    As for his first victim being a man, I really doubt it. There is a high probability that he killed Ann-Marie Burr, when he was 14. I wouldn't say he never killed men, but I just don't think it would be frequent thing, men were not his sexual preference, if anything he'd kill men who got in the way.

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    Dang. My mom is a quiet person but told me a hitchhiking story once. She and a high school friend were smoking pot walking down a Washington state highway and caught a ride with a guy who ended up looking exactly like Bundy when the girls saw his photo.

    The car was same and i think she said something about a guitar but i don't recall.

    So glad this guy got caught. If it was him, she now has 4 kids who wouldn't exist today, if she'd been alone etc.

    That lawyer, damn i feel sorry for him.

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