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    Canada - Mutilated cats in Maple Ridge BC -- 22 and counting!

    A serial killer of humans in the making??

    Seven more mutilated cats have been found in a small area of the Fraser Valley community in just the past two weeks, bringing to 22 the number found dismembered and killed.

    “It’s really scary,” said Kim Wernicke, whose 18-month-old kitty Buttercup is the latest victim of the cat-killer, who first mutilates the cats, then leaves them in plain sight for the owners to find.


    Many of the cats have been cut in half or dismembered in other ways.
    Clearly this is one heckova disturbed individual. Can human victims be out of the question in the future?
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    Yes, it sounds like a serial killer in the making. & Why the h*ll is it always cats!?
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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    Never a Drop-of-Blood!!

    It's been suggested the animal-abuser absconds with the pet and dispatches it elsewheres only to return half the exsanguinated remains - deride of blood -- to the original pet-owner's yard. This begs the question; how does the perp know who's the original owner? Cats are known to roam - normally within a 1 km radius - FYI.

    Any number of outstanding questions in relation to all this. Large reward offers have never paid dividends despite animal-abuse not necessarily constituting a felony-offense -- it follows that offers of "big money" should
    really have resulted in some tangible leads. Such is not the case.

    For those interested in gaining a greater appreciation for the scope of this type of reprehensible activity -- I would suggest reviewing the following:
    Graphic content! warning to apply.





    Safe-to-suggest something as: way-out-of-whack in Cat Land.

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