All’s well that ends well,’ says doctor after reattachment

Serbia-Montenegro - A Serbian man was so depressed by his family’s dire financial situation that he cut off his penis with an ax, only to regret it afterwards and ask for help, Serbian media said Friday.

The 30-year-old from the industrial town of Kragujevac in central Serbia was distraught by what he described as “the poverty and misery” around him, daily Kurir reported. “My wife is sick, and I can’t even buy medicine. My father, mother and I live from my father’s paltry salary,” the man was quoted as saying.

“I saw no other way out, grabbed a rusty two-and-a-half-kilo ax, took my penis out, put it on a log and bam!”

The sight of blood brought him to his senses, he said.

“Only then did I come to and screamed as loudly as I could, realizing I didn’t have it any more,” he was quoted as saying.

Neighbors heard his screaming and rushed him to hospital, where doctors sewed his penis back on.